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Rocca Imperiale

Rocca Imperiale is a popular resort –  village in the province of Cosenza in the Calabria region of southern Italy.

The city was founded in the 13th century by Emperor Frederick II and got its name from the majestic castle that dominated the rock. The place for the construction of the castle was not chosen by chance – a beautiful view of the entire Taranta Bay opens up from the cliff. The castle itself, of which only fragments of walls, bastions and bridges have survived, is currently under reconstruction under the auspices of UNESCO.
Apart from the colorful landscapes, Rocca Imperiale is famous for its lemons. It is from here that they are exported to other parts of the country and the world. And in late July – early August, the city hosts the Lemon Festival, which attracts many curious guests.
In the city there are many comfortable hotels and boarding houses.Rocca Imperiale has been featured in the prestigious Blue Guide of Legambiente and the Italian Touring Club since 2006, with two sails.

Access : Coordinates: 40.116667, 16.583333 / Rocca Imperiale is located 129 kilometers from Cosenza and 5 kilometers from the border with Basilicata. The city can be reached by car or rail from Cosenza.

Highlights :

  • In the historic center of Rocca Imperiale are the ruins of a fort from the 13th century, which the Staufer Emperor Friedrich II had built.
  • the monastery of the Observant Friars has an engaging Wax Museum inside. / The chapel of the Rosary is worth a visit, for the eighteenth-century wooden statues of the Neapolitan school and the seventeenth-century sculpture of the Madonna del Rosario on the main altar. / The 15th-century cathedral, the churches of Sant Antonio and Santa Maria, the Madonna della Nova chapel.
  • The ‘magazzino’ : In Rocca Imperiale Marina there is also the ‘magazzino’, which was built in the 18th century (1731) by order of Duke Fabio Crivelli. It served not only as a warehouse but also as a market.
  • Rocca Imperiale Marina also has a ‘Lungo-Mare’, a promenade, in addition to a piazza in the center. In summer there are various concerts in Rocca Imperiale or Rocca Imperiale Marina.
  • The beach : The beach is around 7 km long. connects with the beach of the neighboring resort of Nova Siri and attracts thousands of tourists.
  • The lemons : The town hosts the Lemon Festival, during which you can buy lemon honey, limoncello liqueur, lemon jams, syrups and liqueurs, as well as all kinds of products in the form of these citrus fruits.
  • The patroness of Rocca Imperiale is Madonna del Nova. Festive events in honor of her are held in the city annually on July 1 and 2.
  • There are two events in August: on the 19th, the art exhibition From Dusk Till Dawn; the last week of the month, Il Federiciano, an art festival and poetry contest.

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