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Rust, Baden-Württemberg

The city is mainly known for hosting over a large part of its territory one of the largest theme parks in the world: Europa-Park
The city is mainly known for hosting over a large part of its territory one of the largest theme parks in the world: Europa-Park

Rust is a town in the district of Ortenau in Baden-Wurttemberg, some 20 km south of Lahr / Schwarzwald, near the Rhine and the French border, in Germany.
The  Rust was first mentioned in the so-called Eddo Testament in 762. The community was long part of the district of Lahr and came to the newly formed Ortenaukreis after its dissolution in 1973.
Today Rust has been a state-recognized resort since 2005…. Rust would be an ordinary small town in southwestern Germany if it had not become the site of the construction of Europa Park. This is the second most popular theme park in Europe after Disneyland Paris. Rust is conveniently located between Germany and France, attracting nearly 5 million visitors each year.

Access : Coordinates: 48.268333, 7.727778 / Rust has had a motorway exit (57b) on federal highway 5 (Hattenbacher Dreieck – Weil am Rhein) since 2002. The municipality is connected by bus lines to Lahr / Black Forest, Ettenheim, Ringsheim, Orschweier and Herbolzheim and belongs to the Ortenau tariff association. The MeinFernbusFlixbus line maintains a connection to Rust via the Freiburg – Strasbourg – Karlsruhe route. The nearest train station is in Ringsheim, 2 km away. The next Rhine crossing is 5 km away by ferry (free) in the neighboring community of Kappel to Rhinau.

Highlights :

  •  Next to Rust is Europe Park, one of the largest amusement parks in Europe.The amusement park “Europe-Park” in Germany is the second most visited theme park in Europe. It is located near the German-French border, in the State of Baden-Wurttemberg, next to the unofficial capital of the Black Forest – the city of Freiburg, just 60 km from the world famous resort of Baden-Baden.Europa-Park was opened in July 1975. Now it is the largest amusement park in Germany, its area is 65 hectares. Almost 4 million people visit it annually, many of whom come here repeatedly.
  •  Balthasar Castle : In the center of Rust there is the Balthasar Castle, built in 1442, which used to be inhabited by the Bocklin noble family from Bocklinsau. It can be viewed in Europa-Park. One of the theme park’s restaurants is located in the castle today.
  •  Balzare castle : This building is also associated with the Bocklin noble family from Bocklinsau. The manor house dates from the early Renaissance and was probably built in 1598.
  •  The Catholic parish church Petri in Ketten (St. Peter in der Ketten) is the only parish church in Rust. It is one of the few churches in the area dedicated to the patron saint of Peter.
  •  The “Old Town Hall” is the former town hall of the municipality. It was originally built from 1844 to 1845 and expanded in 1892 to include a bell and clock tower.
  •  In addition to the Europa-Park, which attracts several million visitors every year, there is the Taubergiessen nature reserve, one of the few remaining river meadows in Germany..

Events : The Rust Street Festival takes place on the first weekend in September. The Euro Dance Festival takes place in Europa-Park Rust in February or March

Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities / trekking

Go next : Karlsruhe is a city on the Rhine in Baden-Wurttemberg in Germany. It is in the north of the Black Forest / Tubingen – beautiful university town.



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