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Ryūzu Falls

It is said that the waterfall should be viewed from the waterfall in front of the downstream side
It is said that the waterfall should be viewed from the waterfall in front of the downstream side
Ryuzu Falls ( Ryuzu no taki) Are waterfalls located in Nikko in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan.

The Ryuzu Falls consist of several jumps and extend, at an altitude of approximately 1,325 m, 210 m in height and 10 m in width along an abrupt made of volcanic rocks ejected from the crater of the Nantai volcano neighbor 1.2. It is surrounded by a forest of Japanese beech trees, Japanese lime trees, azaleas and Japanese maple trees.

The name of “Ryuzu” is said to be like a dragon’s head, as seen from the front of a forked waterfall  It is said that the rocks of this place were used as heads.
It is one of the three famous waterfalls of Oku Nikko along with “Kegutaki” and “Yutaki”. This waterfall, which boasts a height of 210 m, is divided into two by a large rock near the waterhole, . There is a waterfall in the back of “Ryuzuno Chaya” at the foot of the waterfall, and you can see Ryuzu waterfall in front of you.

There are seats where you can see the waterfall, so it’s a good idea to have dumplings and ozoni while watching the waterfall.
When the scenery of fresh greenery and  azaleas  bloom  and autumn leaves are in full bloom It is said that during that time, it is crowded with tourists.

Access : Coordinates: 36.758822, 139.451258 / Address: Nakamiya Shrine, Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture / From Tobu/JR Nikko Station, get off at Tobu Bus “Ryuzu Falls”

Highlights :

  •  waterfall can be viewed from the waterfall in front of the downstream side , but there is a walking path on the east side, the path then continues into the Yunoko Lake and Chuzenji Lake.
  •  Meiji literary writer Koda Rohan also praised the natural formation of this waterfall. / The back side of Otaki is called “Urami-no-taki,” and there is a magnificent caves of about 100 tatami mats, where the Kannon of Taki is enshrined.
  •  Ryuzu ga Taki, which consists of an Otaki waterfall with a drop of 40m and a female waterfall of 30m, is said to be one of the most famous waterfalls in the Chugoku region, and together with Yae-taki, it has been selected as one of the “100 Best Waterfalls in Japan.”
  •  The “Ryuzu ga Taki Festival” is held on August 15th, and the waterfall dance by young people in yukata is performed in Hanagasa, and it is crowded with many people.

Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities / trekking / Free waterfall tour / landscape observation / enjoy stunning views / snapping selfies.

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