Schiltach is a town in the district of Rottweil, in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. It is situated in the eastern Black Forest, on the river Kinzig, 20 km south of Freudenstad Even in Roman times the road through the Kinzig valley was already part of a link through the Black Forest from the Strasbourg area towards Rottweil.

Schiltach was founded in the 11th century as a parish for the surrounding farms, which are older than Schiltach. Around the town church, which today stands in the town district Vorstadtle and is evangelic, rose a settlement named after the River Schiltach. The Dukes of Teck probably founded the town of Schiltach in the middle of the 13th century to secure their territories. They built a surrounding town wall with gates and a castle above the town. They did not build a church because Schiltach already had one.

The town was intended to act as a stop for travellers and as a trading post before the road descended to Rottweil. From about 1250, the castle and town took over the function of the Willenburg, which had guarded the road before the founding of Schiltach. In 1371 Schiltach was transferred to the Dukes of Urslingen. After ten years, the impoverished dukes of Urslingen sold the castle and town to the Dukes of Wurttemberg. Wurttemberg retained Schiltach until 1810 except the years from 1519 to 1534, when Schiltach was occupied by the free imperial city of Rottweil and later (like the whole Duchy of Wurttemberg) by Further Austria.

In the “Granzvertrag zwischen dem Konigreich Wurttemberg und dem Grossherzogthum Baden”   (border treaty between the Kingdom of Wurttemberg and Grand Duchy of Baden), which was negotiated in Paris on October 2, 1810, several areas of the Oberamt Hornberg, besides Schiltach also the town of Hornberg and the communities Gutach and Kirnbach, got to the Grand Duchy of Baden. Wolfach became the new Amststadt of Schiltach and later the county town. The surrounding farm became as Lehengericht, an own community. In 1952, Schiltach went to the state Baden-Wurttemberg. The county of Wolfach was dissolved in 1973 and Schiltach was allocated to Rottweil. The community of Lehengericht was reincorporated into the town of Schiltach in 1974. In 1979 the exclave of Sulzbachle/Fischbach went to the town of Wolfach, in return the area of Vor Heubach went to Schiltach.

main attractions :  1)  Hirschgrund – Zipline Area Schwarzwald   2) Hansgrohe Aquademie  3) Historische Altstadt  4)  Schuettesaegemuseum > Very nice place super interesting about the history of the rafting in the Black Forest. The museum does not cost admission but you are welcome to pay a small donation so the small museum is financed.    5) Museum AM Markt

Coordinates: 48.290556, 8.344722


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