Sinaia is a city – mountain resort in Romania. It is located 50 kilometers south of Brasov in the Prahova River Valley, in the Carpathian Mountains. It is known as a ski resort.
The resort town of Sinaia is located in the valley of the Prahova River, at the foot of the Furnika and Piatra Arse mountains, at an altitude of 800-1000 m. “Pearl of the Carpathians” is located in a magnificent natural amphitheater: mountains, the height of which exceeds 2000 m, covered with coniferous forest with clean, ozone-rich air, sunny alpine glades
A small monastery appeared on Mount Molomot in 1581, which was dedicated to Saint Nicholas. Two steps from the monastery, one of the main trade routes in Romania was later built, namely the one between Brașov and Bucharest. Several inns have appeared over time in the area of the current cities of Sinaia, Azuga, Busteni and Predeal. The construction of the modern road in 1847 and the construction of the railway line between Bucharest and Sinaia, made the locality to develop in scope. From 1880, Sinaia was declared a city and grew into an elegant major center with a casino, where the rich and noble had fun. From 1883, the summer residence of Carol I moved to this city.
The city got its name from the Sinai monastery located here. And the monastery itself was named after the sacred Mount Sinai, where the monastery of St. Catherine was located. One of the princes of Wallachia traveled to Egypt in the 17th century, making a pilgrimage to holy places. After his trip, he ordered to build a monastery in his homeland, which opened in 1695. The settlement growing outside the walls of the monastery was called Sinai.
Today the Sinai ski resort is one of the best in Romania, The resort hosts various winter sports competitions of the Romanian and international level.The city has a well-developed tourist infrastructure. Many restaurants and cafes are open, there are gambling establishments, as well as shops with various souvenirs.The mountain resort of Sinaia has all the qualities of an ideal holiday destination for all ages and all seasons.

Access : Coordinates: 45.35, 25.551389 / By plane :  The nearest international airport is Bucharest-Otopeni Airport – approximately 110 km away, almost two hours by car.
/ By car :  Sinaia is accessible on both sides of the Prahova Valley – as well as from Brasov in the north and from Ploiesti in the south-  on the E60. From Bucharest, first take the A3 motorway to Ploiești and then change onto the E60.

Highlights :

  •  Peleş castle is the town’s main landmark : ” ‘Peles’ ” Castle was built in 1875 as the summer residence of the Romanian king Carol I, in the style of the German renaissance.
    It was designed by the Viennese architect Carl Wilhelm Christian von Doderer.There are 160 rooms, some of which are open to the public, including a small theater that was later converted into a cinema.The castle now serves as a museum, exhibiting ceramics, clocks, silver and glassware as well as memorabilia from the Romanian royal family.
    Pelișor Castle  is a castle , part of the same complex as the larger castle of Peleș.
  •  Villa Luminiș: The villa of the famous Romanian composer George Enescu. From 1912 to 1944, the famous Sinaia Casino operated in the city, which was closed after the change of government in Romania.
  •  Sinai monastery : was built 1690 – 1695, after the model of St. Catherine Monastery, which is located on the Sinai Peninsula. Its founder is the backrest Mihail Cantacuzino, son of Constantin Cantacuzino, brother of Prince Serban Cantacuzino.
    The monastery itself consists of two parts, the new one (the Church of the Holy Trinity and the Museum) and the old one (the Assumption Church and the living quarters of the monastery).
  • Dimitrie Ghica park and the Bucegi Reserve Museum : was built in 1881 by the Swiss architect Eder / The Palace of the Royal Guard was built at the same time as Peles Castle. Natural History Museum of Buceje : In the Dmitry Ghica park, for just 3 Romanian lei (RON), you can visit the Bucegi Natural History Museum. Bucegi is the name of the local mountains that are part of the Carpathians.
  • The Sinaia Casino was built in 1912 by the architect Petre Antonescu in Dimitrie Ghica Park / The Palace and Caraiman hotels were also built in 1912 / The Royal Railway Station was built in 1939. It served only the royal family and its official guests.
  • Ski : Sinaia offers excellent skiing opportunities. There is a bobsleigh and sledge, as well as a gondola. Ski Tracks are located on the slopes of the Vyrfulku Dor mountain. The total length of 14 tracks is 40 kilometers, and the height difference is almost 1,000 meters. For tourists, there are cable cars and lifts, Ten cabins, chairlifts and drag lifts take skiers to the descent points (maximum ascent height 2225m) directly from the center of Sinai.The skiing season is from December to March. The climate is subalpine, highly ozonized air, no dust, weak wind. The snow cover is 50 cm thick. There are sledging and bobsleigh trails. Perfectly groomed slopes.
  • The Sinaia International Classical Guitar Festival takes place in May. / Sinaia Forever. The main event of the resort. Between September 24th and 27th.The three days will end with spectacular fireworks.
  • Shopping : Peles Square has thousands of handmade products. The market mainly sells souvenirs, postcards and typical Romanian traditional costumes. Don’t miss the opportunity!
  • Hiking possibilities are unlimited : Omu Peak is the eleventh place in Romania (2505 meters). At the top there is a restaurant and a weather station.

Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities / Shopping / mountain-bike trails[ / Spa centers , Many hotels offer their guests a complex of wellness procedures in swimming pools, massage parlors, Spa centers.

Go next : Busteni, a town 10 km north of Sinaia. Visit the old Cantacuzino Palace, the Caraiman Monastery and take the gondola to see the famous Romanian Sphinx. / The medieval towns of Râșnov ,33 km away  and Brașov 50 km away.


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