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Sozopol is a small town on the southern Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It is located on the south side of the Burgas Bay on several small rocky peninsulas in the Burgas Province and is the center of the Sozopol municipality of the same name.

In ancient times, Sozopol was called Apollonia. This name was given to the city by the Milesian Greeks in honor of the patron saint of seafarers, the god Apollo, and they erected a 13-meter bronze statue in honor of him. The statue has survived to this day and is now kept in the Roman Capitol. It was transported there by the legionnaire Marcus Lucullus, who destroyed Apollonia at the end of the 1st century BC. Five centuries later, Apolonia “resurrected” and began to be called Sozopolis – the city of salvation.

Now it is a favorite place of the Bulgarian bohemia: artists, painters and musicians are attracted by the special atmosphere prevailing in Sozopol.
Because of its beaches and its culturally and historically valuable buildings, Sozopol is a nationally known tourist destination. The old town with its fortress walls and other buildings was declared an open-air museum.

Access : Coordinates: 42.416667, 27.7 / Sozopol is easily accessible via the international highway that runs along the Black Sea coast and connects Bulgaria with Romania and Turkey. The road from Burgas by car or regular bus takes 30-40 minutes. There is an airfield 30 km south of Sozopol serving small private planes.

Highlights :

  •  The old part of the resort is the most picturesque and interesting. This is a Bulgarian architectural reserve under the auspices of UNESCO. The unique atmosphere in it is created by the churches of the era of the Bulgarian National Revival, the remains of the fortress wall, old houses, national restaurants and a panoramic view of the sea.
  •  Archaeological Museum ( Not far from the city park and the archaeological museum.). The first exposition is dedicated to the Greek period in the history of Sozopol.
  •  St. Virgin (Holy Mother of God). Built in the 17th century. At this time, the Turks were allowed to build Orthodox churches no higher than the head of a horseman, in connection with which the church is half dug into the is now a cultural monument under the protection of UNESCO.
  •  Chapel of St. Zosima (shine Zosimus). White stone chapel / Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius  (opposite the archaeological museum). Built in 1888 under the leadership of Ust Gencho.
  •  City Park. Quite a good park located near the city beach. There are two churches in the park / House-Museum of Alexander Mutafov / Gallery “Lascardi”. It is located in a 17th century house that previously belonged to the fishmonger Dimitar Lascardi.
  •  Art Gallery (“old school” building). The gallery contains about 300 paintings and 40 marble, granite, bronze and wooden sculptures, including works by painters and graphic artists J. Chrysopoulos, Al. Mutafova, P. Katerkova.
  •  Two kilometers from the old part of Sozopol there is another natural wonder – the largest island on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast – the island of St. Ivan. Under the water near it there is a unique natural phenomenon – a stone forest, and on the island itself, the monastery of St. Ivan Prodomos is built.
  •  In the vicinity of Sozopol, there is the mouth of the Ropotamo River, a nature reserve often called the local Amazon. Its shores are like a real jungle / “Old School” of the fishmonger Dimitar Laskaridis should be highlighted, which now houses an art gallery
  •  Beaches : There are three sandy beaches in Sozopol – “Central Beach” in the old part of the city, “Harmani Beach” – in the new one and “Golden Fish” – 3 km to the north. / The necropolis of Apollonia – south of Harmanite beach / The 15th century church “Sveta Bogoroditsa” (St. Mary) or which was built below street level according to Ottoman rules.

Events  : n early September, it hosts a 10-day arts festival in honor of the god Apollo. To watch theatrical performances, films, art and photo exhibitions, folk dances, listen to songs and literary readings.

Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities / Scenic Driving- Auto Touring / swimming and casual relaxing / kaffemik : coffee gathering

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