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Suzuka, Mie

The city of Suzuka is located in the northeast of the Kii Peninsula , in the north of Mie Prefecture. Japan. The city of Suzuka is located on the island of Honshū, about 300 km, southwest of Tokyo, and 100 km north-east of Osaka. In the northeast of the prefecture of Mie.
The name Suzuka is found in the 8th century Nihon Soki chronicle. Then the town was the provincial capital of the local principality. One of the five main routes of old Japan, the Tokaido, passed near the settlement. The road was used not only by merchants and messengers, but also by a large number of pilgrims who visited Suzuku on the way to the Great Temples of Ise. From the 16th century until the Meiji Suzuka Restoration, the Oda and Honda clans ruled. The municipality was established in 1941.
The main attraction of Suzuka is the circuit race track, which hosts the Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix. In addition, there are two national parks in the municipality: Ise no Umi and Suzuka.
The catch phrase of the city is “Now, I’m sure more Suzuka. There is the sea, there are mountains, there are craftsmanship”

Access : Coordinates: 34.881972, 136.584167 / Suzuka is served by the Nagoya and Suzuka lines of the Kintetsu company, the Kisei main line of the JR Central company and the Ise line of the Ise Railway company. Suzuka Circuit Inō station serves the racing circuit.

Highlights :

  •  Many international and domestic races such as the Japanese Grand Prix of F1 and the 8-hour endurance race of motorcycles are held, and there is the Suzuka Circuit, which is one of the world famous racing courses in Japan, and in recent years it is said to be a sacred place for Japanese motor sports Will be.
  • At the Honda Safe Driving School located next to the track, students from all over the world are given driving training.
  • Formula 1 Autodrome, located in Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture, Japan. It was designed by John Hugenholz (as a test track for Honda) and opened in 1961. Since 1987, the circuit has hosted the Formula 1 Grand Prix. The exception was 2007 and 2008, when the races were held on the modernized (by the famous architect Hermann Tilke) Fuji track, which belongs to Toyota.
  • Suzuka is a rather unique track, as its shape resembles a “figure eight”, and a bridge is used at the intersection.
  • The first official international track was born in Japan in 1962, and brought a brand new racing culture of “American Motorsport” to Japan.
  • Ise Katagami Museum : Suzuka is the center of traditional Ise-Katagami craftsmanship, for making paper stencils for dyeing.The Ise pattern paper is used for dyeing patterns on the fabrics for Japanese kimono. The technique was developed mainly in Shirako with the support from the Kishu Domain during the Edo Period.
  • Tsubaki Grand Shrine : Tsubaki is the main shrine of the deity Sarutahiko-no-akami and one of the oldest shrines in Japan. According to the records of the temple, it was founded in 3 BC.
  • Koyasu Kannon-ji Shrine : An ancient temple of the Shingon sect, whose main ancestor is the white coat Kanzeon, which is a reminder of child birth and safe delivery.
  • City Hall Observatory : Great view of the city in 3 out of 4 directions.  it’s only open during business hours and business days.The 15th floor of Suzuka City Hall.
  • Chiyozaki Beach : Chiyozaki beach is very popular with families because it is peaceful and the waves are calm. Located in the northernmost part of the prefecture in Ise Bay.
  • Suzuka City Traditional Industries Museum / Jinguji Temple , Gyoki the temple of the Shingon sect, which was open. Until the early Meiji era, it was Ino-jinja Shrine Temple of Ino-jinja Shrine.
  • Events and Festivals : Sleeping Buddha Festival – March 14th and 15th / WaiWai Spring Festival – April / Suzu Fes – Early August.
  • In the center of the city was the Kambe Castle , of which remains are still preserved.

Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities / Visit Suzuka Circuit, Japan’s Paradise for F1 Fans / Shopping in the biggest shopping center in Mie Prefecture.

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