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Széchenyi Chain Bridge

The Chain Bridge, or Széchenyi Bridge ( Official name Széchenyi Lánchíd ) is a suspension bridge over the Danube River, connecting two historical parts of Budapest – Buda and Pest, the capital of Hungary.

The Chain Bridge Opened in 1849, becoming the first permanent bridge across the Danube ,The bridge  became one of the incentives for the unification of Buda and Pest into a single city of Budapest.The Chain Bridge Connects István Széchenyi Square and Adam Clark Square. Near the bridge on the left bank are the Gresham Palace and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, on the right – the Zero Kilometer Stone and the lower station of the Budapest funicular “Shiklo”, leading to the Buda Castle.
At the time of its construction it was considered one of the modern wonders of world engineering. Its central opening, 202 meters long, was one of the largest in the world when it was built. He made a significant contribution to the economic, cultural and social life of the city and became a symbol of progress, national awakening and union of east and west.

Access : Coordinates: 47.498889, 19.043611 /

Highlights :

  • The decoration of the bridge was made with cast iron. The lions of the bridge were made by Gianos Marsalkos and placed in 1852.  During World War II, the bridge was blown up by the Germans on January 18, 1945, during the siege of Budapest, leaving only the towers standing. The bridge was rebuilt and reopened in 1949.
  • Name : The bridge is named after the Hungarian politician Count Istvan Szechenyi, the initiator and organizer of the construction of a permanent bridge.
  • Characteristics : Total length 375 metres (1,230 ft) , Width 14.8 metres (49 ft) , Longest span 202 metres (663 ft) , Material : wrought iron and Stone ,Designer : William Tierney Clark
  • For the financial part, Széchenyi involved the Greek-Austrian businessman Georg Simon von Sina, who had property and numerous business connections in Hungary.

Go next : Upstream is the Margaret Bridge, below is the Elizabeth Bridge. / the Castle Hill Funicular, leading to Buda Castle.

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