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The suspension bridge at the Rappbodetalsperre

The suspension bridge at the Rappbodetalsperre located in the Harz district of Saxony-Anhalt , Germany.

One of the most popular tourist attractions in the Harz is the suspension bridge Titan RT, opened in 2017, which spans parallel to the dam wall high above the valley. The swaying, only 1.20 meter wide structure made of steel cables and gratings is considered the longest rope bridge in Germany and at 458 meters the second longest worldwide after the Charles Kuonen suspension bridge in Switzerland.
The bridge consists of a grating framed by a railing that only hangs on  Four main suspension cables form the backbone of the structure. The walkway, 120 cm wide, is lined along its entire length by a 130 cm high railing, and is closed on the sides by stainless steel nets.
Titan RT is 483 meters long, it strikes the longest suspension rope bridge in Sochi, Russia, which is 439 meters long and the the Charles Kuonen suspension bridge in Switzerland.

However, it is a real challenge for people with a fear of heights.when the wind is around 65 kilometers per hour, the suspension bridge is closed, and exactly 210 people are allowed to access it at the same time.

Access : Coordinates: 51.740472, 10.893549 / The bridge is located in the areas of Oberharz am Brocken and Thale in the Harz district of Saxony-Anhalt, The Titan RT is located south of the towns of Huttenrode and Wernigerode in the Harz Mountains.There is a paying car park nearby for visitors, which even has three parking spaces for motorhomes.

Highlights :

  • Megazipline double rope slide : About 100 m northeast of the Rappbodetalsperre dam is the Megazipline, the longest double rope slide in Europe. It was opened on November 11, 2012  and spans about 1000 m in length and with a maximum height of 120 m also the water surface of the part of the Wendefurth dam that abuts on the air side of the Rappbodetalsperre.
  • Gigaswing : The Gigaswing is a pendulum jump, where you jump under the suspension bridge and swing on a 65 m long rope under the bridge. It can be done alone or as a tandem jump, during which two people jump at the same time.
  • Hike The Hasselfelde :  Rubeland hiking trail (HK 27) leads over the dam wall near the bridge. A few kilometers northwest of the bridge, this path crosses the Harzer Hexenstieg, which runs north past the Wendefurth dam and in sections in the Bode valley.
  • Complex dam system : The dam was built in the 1950s. Since 1959 it has been part of a complex water management system with which drinking water is stored, electricity is produced and places in the eastern Harz are protected from flooding.
  • Guided tours : Guests receive detailed information about the gigantic structures on a guided tour through the inside of the Wendfurther dam.

Entrance fees: six euros. / opening hours : N/A

Activities : Tour around the Rappbodetalsperre / Mountain bike tour / wall running adventure on the Wendefurther dam / Europe’s longest double rope slide.

Go next : The Rubeland stalactite caves  / Bad Harzburg,a  charming spa town / Braunlage , the main ski resort / Herzberg am Harz , a town in southern Niedersachsen, Germany.



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