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Tarkhankut Peninsula

The Tarkhankut peninsula is a peninsula at the western end of the Crimea.
The wedge-shaped protrusion of Tarkhankut begins from Lake Donuzlav and bulges into the sea for 80 kilometers.

Two capes crowning its edge are separated by Karadzhinsky bay. Cape Priboyniy  – the westernmost point of the whole Crimea. The Tarkhankutsky cape is located a little to the south, it is on it that the Tarkhankutsky lighthouse is installed.
A well-known natural monument is the Dzhangul landslide coast with numerous bizarre rocks, landslides and talus, located near the village of Olenivka.
The coast of the peninsula is famous among tourists, The steep banks of western Tarhankut are popular with diving enthusiasts , also The unusual view of the coastal zone in the Tarkhankut region has always attracted photographers and filmmakers, which is why it is a landmark on a global scale.

Access : Coordinates: 45.4167, 32.6667 / To get to the cape, the easiest way is to reach Olenevka, where buses from Evpatoria, from Simferopol, and from the Black Sea go with enviable regularity./ By car, you can independently reach Tarkhankut from Yevpatoriya.

Highlights :

  •  the Cup of Love : is most famous, bathing in it, according to legend, can attract fate or keep feelings forever. Romantic couples jump into a small deep pond from a cliff, holding hands – nothing can separate such lovers.The “Bowl of Love” is connected to the open sea by a small underwater tunnel. The main character of the film Amphibian Man – Ichthyander – fell through it into his father’s house
  •  There is an underwater museum for divers off the coast. Museum “Avenue of Leaders” is completely underwater. At the bottom there are sculptural images of people of the past (not only politicians) and some world architectural masterpieces.
  •  Tarkhankut lighthouse : At Cape Tarkhankut there is an ancient lighthouse 42 m high, built of white Inkerman limestone in 1816
  •  On the territory of the Tarkhankut Peninsula there are remains of ancient Greek settlements, the largest of which is the ancient Greek polis Kalos-Limen.
  •  A famous natural monument is the Dzhangulsk landslide coast with numerous bizarre rocks, landslides and talus, located near the village of Olenevka.
  •  Tarhankut is a great place for diving. And with the constant presence of steppe winds – also good spots for kiters and windsurfers.
  •   Mount Crocodile with a luminous eye (represents a small through aperture; A bowl of love, the eye shines at a certain position of the sun) and a Turtle crawling to the sea.
    – an amazing natural formation , The gigantic 98-meter tunnel, punched by waves in the thickness of the cape, attracts attention in the Small Atlesh. The height of the tunnel from the water level to the top of the arch is 8.51 m, the thickness of the arch is about 10.7 m.
  •  The hero of the film “Pirates of the 20th Century” passes through this tunnel to a pirate island.
  •  Another unique find is a colony of fossil oncoliths (rounded limestone deposits) – the size of individual specimens reaches more than 40 cm in diameter. Such is the paleontological museum in Atlesh.
  •  the village of Olenevka : Around it revolves most of the life of not only vacationers, but also local residents, one way or another tied to tourists. Olenevka is a paradise for lovers of a wide variety of water sports. Olenevka beaches with clean sand and a gentle entrance enjoy a good reputation with families with children.
  •  Tarkhankutsky National Park : Another attraction of these places is the Tarkhankutsky National Nature Park. It was created on December 11, 2009 .On the steppe plots there are 70 species of animals, as well as more than 20 species of insects listed in the Red Book. Until the 1950s, Tarhankut was one of the few breeding sites for the monk seal. In the aviary complex in the Bolshoi Kastel beam, the Turkmen kulan and saiga live.

Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities / book a trip to the cape by boat / camping / Pure water attracts many divers here. In the Tarkhankut area even underwater photography contests are held.

Go next : To the southwest, the peninsula ends at Cape Tarkhankut. On its northern coast is located the village of Chernomorskoe.

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