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The balanced rocks of Pákozd

Not far from Budapest, in the Velence Mountains, near Pákozd in Hungary  , strange stone formations rise. These strange, balancing rocks got their name from their “unnaturally” swaying location: The balanced rocks of Pákozd.The balanced rocks of Pákozd – Pákozd movable stones: 300 million year old, unique granite rocks.

Pákozd movables are unique surface formations in Hungary, which are part of a 44-hectare nature reserve in the Velence Mountains. The 44-hectare Pákozdi Ingókövek Nature Reserve, which belongs to the Danube-Ipoly National Park, has been protected since 1951 and includes vegetation in addition to geological formations.
The most interesting attraction of the Velence Mountains, the magical realm of the movable stones of Pákozd, can be visited from Pákozd on the northern shore of Lake Velence in a short, easy tour.
The Pákozd movable stones can be approached from several settlements by bicycle , and the movable stones are also connected by the Granite geological study trail established in 1994.

Access : Coordinates: 47.242848, 18.542318 / Pákozd is a village in Fejér County, Gárdonyi District, 11 km northeast of Székesfehérvár.

Highlights :

  • The Velence Mountains are a real geological repository: on its surface there are movable stones, sea of ​​stones, granite cones. The most interesting formations were also named: for example, Cube Stone, Mushroom Stone, Kis-Cipó, Lion Stone, Pandúr Stone.
    The hilly area, which has been protected since 1951 and stretches at an altitude of 200–250 meters above sea level, is unique in Hungary by the so-called terrestrial formations. scattered groups of movable stones.
  • The 300-million-year-old, heavily ruined Velence Mountains are the only granite bedrock mountains in Hungary, making it the oldest landscape in the country in terms of geology: its red granite rock was formed in geological antiquity. Later, this clump system, which had already been destroyed and covered with limestone and shale, was broken by andesite volcanoes and filled in the cracks.
  • The Pandúr stone The most notable formations of the Pákozd movables rising in the northern foreground of Pákozd are the Mushroom Stone and Kis-Cipó rising on the eastern side of Sár Hill (226 m) and the Pogány Stone (241 m) scattered to the north. Pagan Stone, Lion Rock, Cube Stone and Pandúr Stone.
  • The Granite educational trail : Easy, short, children’s walk on well-developed hiking trails.Route: Pákozd – Lake Bella – Pagan stone – Cube – Pandúr stone – Kis-Cipó – Pákozd.
  • Open from : Open all year round. / Price: Free of charge.The Pákozdi movable stones can be approached from several settlements by bicycle.

Go next : Pákozd , a village in Fejér County – Pákozd Military Memorial Park
Trenches and officers’ barracks at the memorial site of the Battle of Pákozd / Velence mountains.



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