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Fish shaped island in Croatia

This uninhabited islet looks like a cracker fish. Its name is Gaz and it is one of the 14 islands of the Brijuni archipelago, in the Istria region of Croatia.

The area of Fish shaped island ​​Gaz  is only 6.28 hectares, and the length of the coastline is 1.13 km. This means that it would be possible to bypass it around the perimeter in just 20 minutes! But the island is closed for visiting, so you can only admire it from a bird’s eye view.
National Park Brijuni  is an archipelago of 14 islands. It is rightfully ranked among the most beautiful national parks in Croatia and is considered one of the most important and most significant sights of the country.
The group of islands in 1983 was united into the Brijuni National Park, and the Gaz island became the prototype of its logo – a small fish. The Fish shaped island gas is closed to the public.

Access : Coordinates:44.971059, 13.716878 / the island of Gaz (or Gaž) located in the Brijuni archipelago, a 15-minute boat journey from Fažana,just three miles NW from Pula.

Highlights :

  • The island group of Brijuna includes 2 large islands and 12 much smaller ones. All of them are located at a short distance from each other. Big and Small Brijuni are open for free visits to tourists.
  • Brijuni it is a group of fourteen small islands in the northern part of the Adriatic Sea. The archipelago is known to be home to important archaeological and cultural monuments of world importance.
  • The largest rocky islands are Veli Brijun (25.9 km²) and Mali Brijun (8.3 km²). In addition to them, the Brijuni archipelago has 12 more islands with beautiful, romantic names: С-Mark, Gaz, Okrugljak, Supin, Supinić, Galija, Grunj, Vanga (Krasnica), Pusti (Madona), Vrsar, С-Jerome and Kozada (Krasnica) …
  • Boats to Fažana run frequently, the journey time is 15 minutes. Brijuny was a favorite resort destination for the European elite, as well as celebrities from all over the world. It is also known that in 1947 the largest island was turned into the residence of Josip Broz Tito, where high-ranking foreign politicians were invited.

Go next : Explore The Brijuni archipelago / Pula, a town at the tip of the Istrian peninsula in northwestern Croatia. / Fažana , a village in the Istria region, Croatia.






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