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The heart shaped Lake Toyoni in Hokkaido, Japan

The Toyoni Lake,is  a heart shaped lake Which is located on the island of Hokkaido, Japan.The lake is located at the foot of Mt. Kanondake,  at an altitude of 260-270m at the northeastern foot of Mt. Toyoni,
Toyoni is a lake surrounded by pristine forest, located in Hidaka-sanmyaku Erimo Quasi National Park in Hokkaido. This crystal-clear lake has become famous in the country for being heart-shaped when viewed from above.

The aerial view of the lake is so amazing, that many believed it was not real but invented.
caught the attention of many people after being shown on a commercial poster of a famous confectionery company.

Access : Coordinates: 42.089444, 143.271389 / Address: Meguro, Erimo, Horoizumi District, Hokkaido Prefecture 058-0422 /  It is possible to drive along the forest road from the golden road (National Route 336) leading to Cape Erimo / Admission free. The parking lot is free of charge.

Highlights :

  • Toyoni Lake, is the habitat of pikas,Hokkaido protects it as a Toyoni Lake wildlife sanctuary.The area around Lake Toyoni is surrounded by deep forests and is home to wild animals. Of course, it is also a habitat for brown bears.
  •  Hiking : A path to go around the lake is built, of about 1.5 km length , ordinary hikers can go a round for about 30 minutes,In addition, the walking path merges with the Saruru mountain trail on the way.
  • The best way to see the heart shaped lake that exists in the forest, you need to participate in a helicopter tour.

Note :  A lot of brown bears inhabit here, so you had better avoid having a meal.

Activities : Helicopter Cruising Experience over Heart-shaped Lake Toyoni Lake ,Helicopter Cruise is held from early October to mid October.

Go next : Erimo Town / Shichiku Garden and Tokachi Hills./ Tomakomai city / Cape Erimo , a cape in Erimo town located in the southeastern distriction of Tomakomai city.

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