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The Imatra Rapids

The Imatra Rapids ( Imatrankoski ) is a waterfall in south eastern Finland, on the Vuoksa River, 7 km from its source from Lake Saimaa. Located in the city of Imatra, Imatrankoski district.

For the first time, the Imatrankoski waterfall was mentioned by the King of Sweden, Gustav Vasa, who entered it into the royal book.
The height of the water fall is 18 m. Water consumption approx. 600 m³/s. After the construction of a nearby hydroelectric power station in the 1920s. the previously existing waterfall was blocked by a separate dam and turned into a waterless granite canyon, with separate releases of water on schedule.
The Imatrankoski is one of the oldest tourist attractions in Europe. As early as 1772 Catherine the Great came to Imatra especially for this attraction. In 1842, on the orders of Tsar Nicholas I, the area around the rapids was turned into a nature park. By the end of the 19th century, the Imatrankoski had become a popular tourist attraction. Tourism received an extra boost in the early 20th century when a luxury hotel called Valtionhotelli was built near the rapids.

Access : Coordinates: 61.1695, 28.773639 / The Imart dam is a dam and a hydropower plant in the river Vuoksa in southeastern Finland.

Highlights :

  • By the end of the 20th century, the waterfall began to be restored, ennobling the territory. This was done by the state of Finland, on whose territory the waterfall is located. After that, tourists and locals began to come to the resort.
  • Near the Imatran waterfall, spectacular photos are obtained even if it is turned off, and places for walking can be found both in summer and in winter.
  • The operation of the water scooter occurs in the following mode: from Monday to Saturday – at 19:00- on Sunday – at 15:00- on Christmas and New Year’s Eve  at 23:00. The action is accompanied by fireworks and a light show.
  • The Imatra hydropower plant, located on Imatrankoski, with a total capacity of 185 MW, is the largest hydroelectric power plant in Finland.
  • Top Attraction : fly over the river flows on a cable, which is suspended to a height of 20 meters.

Go next : The monument to the turbine is located on the left side of the canyon, not far from the bridge./ The picturesque canyon of the Vuoksa River / Kruununpuisto,  This coniferous forest is the oldest nature reserve in Finland / the city of Imatra.



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