Friday, October 7, 2022
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HomenewsThis treehouse .... is the most popular home of the Airbnb

This treehouse …. is the most popular home of the Airbnb

Tiny houses have recently been awarded Airbnb as they offer an alternative living experience that attracts many travelers. have many advantages, according to those who have stayed in them, many: they are economical solution, they are functional and environmentally friendly and of course they are the perfect escape by combining a minimalist lifestyle that is the last years of fashion.

Considering the above, it is not surprising that at the top of the popular, according to the users’ favorite list of the sharing platform, there is a … treehouse. This particular treehouse is located in Atlanta and receives about 300,000 visits each month, while 147,000 members of Airbnb have been added to the wish list. A look at the interior of the house may help us understand what makes it so popular



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