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Triberg Waterfalls

Experience the fascinating natural spectacle of the Triberg waterfalls during your holiday in the holiday home in the Black Forest and visit the highest waterfalls in Germany in the heart of the holiday region Middle Black Forest
Experience the fascinating natural spectacle of the Triberg waterfalls during your holiday in the holiday home in the Black Forest and visit the highest waterfalls in Germany in the heart of the holiday region Middle Black Forest
Triberg is one of the highest waterfalls in Germany, with a descent of 163 meters -between 711 and 872 meters above sea level , and  a landmark in the Black Forest region. Above town Triberg, in the middle of the Black Forest, The headwaters of the waterfall are less spectacular. Here is a small hydroelectric plant. The Gutach plunges from a rolling plateau over more than 7 large steps into the rocky V-shaped valley of Triberg.

The deep valley widens slightly here so that there is room for the village of Triberg. The steep rock walls and the waterfalls are formed by two fractures in the granite and then by glaciers in the Pleistocene.
The Triberg waterfalls are divided into three major sections. The upper falls are at a height of 872 to 856 ASL meters and consist of three main stages. Then follows a steep section, on which the Gutach rushes as a torrent over the granite rocks. The main cases in the lower section are composed of seven case steps. Over a length of around 230 meters, the water overcomes a difference in altitude of just under 92 meters, before it collects in a pool at the bottom of the valley. The Gutach rises in the municipality of Schonwald and flows as a broad mountain stream over the Schonwalder plateau, before it plunges at the Triberg waterfalls in the depths

In 1805, the waterfalls were opened by secured paths under the Chief Vogue Huber. Around the middle of the 19th century, the waterfall tourism increased significantly through the construction of new transport routes such as the Black Forest Railway and now outweighed the proportion of traditional Triberger Marienwallfahrten.

Access : Coordinates: 48.1261118.2275 / Address main entrance: Hauptstrasse 85, 78098 Triberg im Schwarzwald / The waterfalls have five entrances: in the city center, directly on the B 500, can be reached on foot from the town center of Triberg, four further entrances are available to visitors: Bergsee entrance, Scheffelplatz entrance, Adelheid entrance and entrance behind the Asklepios clinic.Today is a popular destination Around 500,000 day-trippers and tourists from home and abroad visit the Triberg Waterfalls every year.

Highlights :

  • On partially well-developed, paved paths with two wooden bridges you can hike the varied crashes. They are illuminated until 22:00, partially walkable even in winter and they are a special sight when the falls are frozen.
  • Even in winter with icy temperatures worth a visit, because then the waterfalls in a completely different picture: snow-covered nature, icicles and frozen masses of water. Here definitely worth the visit. In winter observe the respective opening times.
  • Another attraction is the squirrels that live in the forest around the falls. Over the years, they have lost their fear of humans and can be observed and fed
  • Hiking , Varied paths lead up to the falls along the mountain. Some of the paths are paved and connected by two bridges. Only a few years ago, a jetty with viewing platform was built in the immediate vicinity of the Triberg waterfalls.
    You can choose between three marked hiking trails and explore the Triberger waterfalls on the Kaskadenweg, the Kulturweg or the nature trail. From the city center you can reach the starting points quickly and easily on foot. The routes are open all year round and in summer the falls are brightly lit after dark with bright spotlights.

Tip : The waterfalls are included in the all-inclusive project SchwarzwaldCard.The card gives you free admission to more than 160 attractions. The card entitles the holder to free entry to the SchwarzwaldCard attractions on three freely selectable days between the 1st of April and the 31st of March of the following year. Many selected attractions (bonus partners) can also be visited outside these three days once during the season.

Visiting hours: Open all year round daily, in the evening until about 22.00 clock illuminated

Entrance fees: € 3.00 for adults, discounts apply for children, families, guest card holders

Activities : High ropes course / winter sports / Hiking , Choose one of the three signposted routes, and enjoy the natural spectacle on the nature trail, the culture trail or the Kaskadenweg./ Enjoy The unique nature experience / photo opportunities- photography trips-photography spots / sightseeing



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