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Tunnel of Love

The “Tunnel of Love” is located near  the town of Klevan, Rivne region, Ukraine.
The forest that formed the “Tunnel of Love” stretches for about 4 kilometers.
The railway itself stretches for 4 km and connects the village of Klevan with the Orzhevsky woodworking plant. The train of the ODEK Ukraine LLC plant runs regularly along the road
This natural monument is a green tunnel in a forest about 4 km long, created by thickets of trees and bushes, which are intertwined in the form of an arch.
It is believed that here a couple in love can make any wish, and if the love is real, then it will certainly come true.
tunnel of love has become famous all over the world thanks to the Japanese filmmaker Akiyoshi Imazaki
Entrance to the popular tourist recreation area “Tunnel of Love”, located near the village of Klevan in the Rivne region

Access : Coordinates: N 50°45.027′, E 26°2.623′ / “Tunnel of Love” is located on the railway between the villages of Klevan and Orzhev in the Rivne region in northwestern Ukraine. / You can get to the place where “Tunnel of Love” sang by itself by minibuses Rivne-Klevan and Lutsk-Rivne. Get off at Klevani, then walk to it for about half an hour.

Highlights :

  • The “Tunnel of Love” is among 15 most beautiful streets in the world were chosen by users of the site BoredPanda, which organized an electronic vote.
  • Those walking there need to know that a train runs along this railway line three times a day,The total length of the tunnel is about 4 kilometers.
  • visiting the “Tunnel of Love” in the Rivne region will now have to pay,Those who come to see the attraction by car will need to pay UAH 20.
  • Recently, this place has become quite famous in the world, ads for popular brands are filmed here.

Activities : Sightseeing / Photo opportunities / Long distance walking / Landscape observation.

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