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Villa Epecuén

Villa Epecuen  is a tourist village ruins in Argentina, in the province of Buenos Aires.
Founded in 1920 as the city of Lago-Epecuen on the eastern shore of the salt lake Epecuen . By the 1970s, more than 5000 people lived in the settlement.
the economic development of the small town was the nearby Lago Epecuén, a lake whose water had the second highest salinity after the Dead Sea.
On November 10, 1985, as a result of a dam break on the lake, Lago Epecuen began to gradually flood. By 1993, the abandoned town was at a depth of 10 meters.
Currently, the water level is gradually decreasing, leaving urban ruins on the surface,hotels and emblematic buildings are still visible. The sudden destruction of the city, along with its ruins, aroused the interest of Adventurers , The ruins are frequently visited by photographers, tourists from different parts of the world, journalists, and extreme sports enthusiasts.

Access : Coordinates: -37.130833, -62.8075 / Its ruins are found on the edges of Laguna Epecuén, about 7 km north of the city of Carhué.

Highlights :

  • On November 10, 1985, the clay dams near Villa Epecuén broke in several places and the water spilled into the city. Within hours the city sank into the floods and had to be abandoned. Reconstruction seemed impossible and so Villa Epecuén sank into the lake for 25 years.
  • In 2009, Pablo Novac settled in Villa Epecuen, who lived here before the catastrophic flood. He is now the only inhabitant of the village, A short film “Pablo’s Villa” was made about his life and presented at the Sydney Film Festival.
  • In 2014, a video was filmed in the village in which famous cyclist Danny Macaskill participated.
  • A small museum has also been opened in the old bus station.
  • The Villa Epecuen featured in Season 4, Episode 1 of the TV show Abandoned Engineering.
  • Villa Epecuenfeatured in the film “And Soon The Darkness” starring Amber Heard and Karl Urban.

Activities : sightseeing / Of the former slaughterhouse on the outskirts offer a popular photo opportunity.

Go next : city of Carhué,The city is a tourist destination famous for the thermal waters of Laguna Epecuén.

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