beach of Arcomagno


One of the most characteristic destinations is certainly the Arcomagno beach-Grotta del Saraceno ( cave of the Saracens )  , in San Nicola Arcella, a small town in the province of Cosenza overlooking the crystal blue sea of  the Calabrese Riviera, (  Italy )  .This small spot in Calabria was a mooring point for the Saracen Pirates heading for Italy and Because of that named ” Grotta del Saraceno-cave of the Saracens”.

The entire lagoon is about thirty meters long and is characterized by small pebbles in the central section, and by rocks and cliffs on the sides The Arco Magno cave is very humid due to a fresh water source inside. The small natural arch also bears the name of Arco di Enea. The reason? According to legend, the Greek prince found himself passing through these lands immediately after the fall of Troy.

Access : Coordinates: 39.855223, 15.792137 / from the beaches of Praia Mare it is sufficient to go through a tunnel, climb 10 meters on a path carved into the rock and then descend to the Arco Magno / After leaving the car in one of the parking lots along the coast,  follow the path with directions to the Arcomagno beach ( marked )  and in a few minutes you will arrive at your destination , The path that leads to the small beach of Arcomagno in San Nicola Arcella is dug into the rock and, despite being short, is a bit steep. Be careful where you put your feet, so as not to slip, and it is better to avoid carrying too much stuff, to move more easily on the path./
from Marinella beach can be reached either by swimming or by renting a pedal boat /By Boat Excursion: From San Nicola Arcella./ By kayak, canoe.

Activities : walk on Coastal Path / swimming / photo opportunities / hiking , visit “Arco Magno” by foot , From San Nicola Arcella 25 minutes to get there and 15 minutes to walk back

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