German submarine U-995


Submarine U-995 is a German type VII C / 41 U-Boot used during World War II by the German Navy. In service since September 1943 and  completed nine missions. At the end of the war the Norwegian Navy took possession of it. In 1965 it has  made his return to Germany with the official delivery on October 2, 1971, and from March 13, 1972 became a museum ship at the foot of the Laboe Naval Monument. It is the last surviving VII C submarine in the world.

In the following years he took part in numerous NATO fleet exercises. In 1965, the Norwegian Navy decided to give the German Federal Navy a boat as a sign of reconciliation. So took the tug “Fairplay II” on October 14, 1965 the war veterans on the hook and joined him on the long way to Kiel. Arriving in Germany, however, it was difficult to find a worthy site. About 750,000 DM, according to the then calculation, would cost alone to bring the boat ashore and set up. Added to this was the cost of the permanent Exhibition.

In the naval arsenal Kiel, the submarine was brought into a condition that was suitable and largely original. Then it was suspended in the harness of two floating cranes hanging by a specially dredged 500-meter-long channel three meters deep and 42 meters wide to Laboe and dropped on March 13, 1972 on the beach in front of the Marine Memorial on a preparatory podium.

Since then, U-995 has attracted more than 12.5 million visitors as a technical museum. This unexpectedly high visitor interest enabled the DMB to pay the installation costs of a total of 900,000 marks in a relatively short period of time. Every year, about 120,000 visitors visit the submarine. As a historical-technical museum, the submarine illustrates the oppressive living conditions of the soldiers and reminds the present generation of the horror and suffering of World War II in a warning and deterrent manner.

Access : Coordinates: 54.4125, 10.228889 /   You can find it as museum ship at the foot of the Laboe Naval Monument

The grounds of the Marine Memorial, the Historic Hall and the Memorial Hall are barrier-free, access to the viewing platform is restricted.

Activities : Daily tours / sightseeing / photo opportunities / Swimming / Skating can be done from Laboe on a wonderful circuit / Biking along the coast / View from the Naval Memorial to the south on Laboe and the Kiel Fjord /

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