Land’s End


Land’s End  is the most southwesterly point in Britain and part of Cornwall in the South West. ( United Kingdom ) It is not a town or village but rather a former small holding which is well known for being the starting/ending point for the Land’s End to John o’Groats journey. It is now overdeveloped with a commercial “tourist trap” visitor complex including arcades, attractions and shops.

Understand : Land’s End’s main represents both the starting and ending points of the longest journey in Great Britain, Land’s End to John O’Groats. Consequently, it is known as “The First and Last”, due to its position at the extremity of the UK. It is an atmospheric, dramatic piece of coastline steeped in history and romance – or at least would be, without the commercialised tourist facilities.

Local people utterly detest the tourist attraction there, it is unwise to mention it to anyone, and for this reason locals are likely to advise you not to go if you do ask them. You can get unbiased advice from the tourist information centre at Penzance.

Access : Coordinates: 50.068611, -5.716111 / If you go there by car, be prepared to spend £5 for the parking area. If you want to avoid the parking fee to the complex you can walk from further afield. (about 1/2 a mile, medium rough terrain). Alternatively, you can park your car in Sennen Cove, close to Land’s End and walk from there, enjoying the walk along the coast path. There is also a regular bus schedule between Penzance and Land’s End (one bus hourly daytime, except on Sundays: schedules may vary in winter). Buses depart from the central bus station in Penzance. Local tour operators in Penzance offer tours covering the whole peninsula including Land’s End.

Get around : The whole area can be easily accessed on foot. Take care with clothing, because Land’s End can be a rough, windy place due to its exposed location and proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. Sturdy warm clothing and solid footwear is recommended, even in the summer months it is advisable to take note of the weather.

Land’s End Airport :   Land’s End Airport (LEQ IATA) (is situated close to Land’s End itself). The airport enjoys a spectacular setting overlooking the dramatic Cornish coast offering a welcome relief to the bustle of ‘up-country’ life. Within the immediate vicinity are several tourist attractions, scenic walks and plentiful accommodation. The South West Coastal Footpath is adjacent to the airport and leads to many stunning beaches including Sennen Cove and Porthcurno.
Land’s End Airport offers a great range of activities including: Scenic Flights , Banner Towing , Aerial Photography ,  Pilot Training, Trial Lessons and Flying School
Skybus flights to the Isles of Scilly (ISC IATA)

Highlights :

  •  Land’s End Visitor’s Centre, Sennen, TR19 7AA

Activities : There is a complex of attractions on the site. A professional photographer takes photos of you in front of the signpost showing your hometown’s distance (see photo above). He will charge you around £10 for the photos. There is a fence around the signpost, but you can, and many people do, just take their own photos standing in front of the fence.
Go to John O’Groats! The Land’s End-to-John O’Groats (or vice versa) journey has been undertaken by many individuals as a personal challenge and to raise funds for good causes. It is often undertaken on foot or by bicycle to raise funds. Ian Botham, the former England cricketer, popularised the journey in recent years when raising funds for charity.
Walk east along the coast to the first promontory. The sea arch is visible along with the extraordinary rock formations in this area (weathered Granite). The coast path continues on to Porthgwarra past various coves, many caves, another sea arch and possibly some of the most dramatic coastline in the entire UK. An extended walk will reach Porthcurno where there is a bus service.
1 Sennen Cove and beach. Those not wishing to walk the length of Great Britain, may alternatively prefer a walk on the clifftop to Sennen Cove and enjoy the spectacular sea views. Nearby car park – very busy during the summer. edit
2 Gwenver beach (half a mile walk from the car park.). Great surfing beach.

Go next : St. Just in Penwith / St Buryan / St Levan / If you wanted to see dramatic piece of unspoilt coastline, go 20 miles (32 km) along the coast to Lizard Point, Britain’s most southerly point. The natural scenery is just as good (if not better), there’s a great atmosphere, no entrance fee, and not too many people around. Lizard village has a couple of shops and pubs. Also consider Cape Cornwall – 5 miles (8 km) to the north, once thought to be the most westerly point, but modern maps proved this wrong!

John O’Groats – the opposite of Land’s End, being at the northeastern tip of Scotland. For those who want to travel long distances without ever going on the Continent, travelling from Land’s End to John O’Groats would be an interesting activity.


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