Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse

Les Eclaireurs  is a lighthouse located on the islet NE of the group of islets Les Eclaireurs on the Beagle Channel, off the coast of Ushuaia Bay, in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

The lighthouse consists of a slightly truncated brick tower, 11 meters high and 3 meters in diameter, painted in three stripes: red, white and red. The lantern is 22.5 meters above sea level and emits white and red light at intervals of 5 seconds. It has an optical range of 7.2 nautical miles and is powered by solar panels.

The group of islets that give name to the lighthouse were baptized by the Captain of Frigate Luis Fernando Martial, to the control of the French expedition La Romanche in the years 1882-1883

The lighthouse was released to service on December 23, 1920 and is currently in operation, automatically controlled remotely and closed to the public.
This lighthouse is often confused, wrongly, with the lighthouse at the end of the world, located on the island of the States.

Access : Coordinates:-54.871528, -68.083333 / the lighthouse can be visited by boat from the city Ushuaia, by your own boat or by organized excursion.

LightHouse Specifications : Year first 1920 , Construction Brick tower , Tower shape : Cylindrical tower with balcony and lantern , Tower height 11 metres (36 ft) , Focal height 22.5 metres (74 ft) , Range White: 10 nautical miles (19 km; 12 mi)
Red: 7 nautical miles (13 km; 8.1 mi)

Activities : Excursions in Ushuaia ,

Nearby Attractions : Birds and Sea Lions Islands / Beagle Channel / Ushuaia / Tierra del Fuego National Park


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