Long Bay Beach, Tortola


On the picturesque island of Tortola  ( the capital island of the British Virgin Islands -The British Virgin Islands are a self-governing British overseas territory in the Caribbean just to the north-east of the US Virgin Islands. )

More than ten beautiful beaches for vacationers are available. The beach Long Bay is very popular with the locals. Situated just east of Smuggler’s Cove in Tortola’s West End, Long Bay Beach offers several advantages for visitors to the British Virgin Islands. It is easily accessible by road and there’s a lovely resort with restaurant and pool nearby with plenty of chairs provided free of charge for all comers!

The water is crystal clear and very calm , You can see most beach vacationers on weekends, Long Bay is a permanent venue for fishing competitions.

Access : Coordinates: 18.397738, -64.685872 / this beach at the western end of the island is easily accessible in a shared taxi , by bus can be less expensive than having a taxi to oneself , by Car rental

Type : Sand with coral and rocks near shore / chill-out atmosphere  –  Amenities available :  resort and guest houses / free Beach Chairs /

Activities : swimming /   surfing experience / hiking / Scuba diving in the British Virgin Islands  / Yachting

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