Peenemunde is on the island Usedom in the state Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in Germany.  Understand :  Peenemunde is the birthplace of the infamous V-1 flying bomb and V-2 rocket. The V by the way stands for Vergeltungswaffe (retaliation weapon) the propaganda-term the Nazis used for their technological last ditch efforts at turning the tide in the waning moments of the lost war. They were developed, tested and launched from here during WW2 and the site was heavily bombed by Allied forces. Not much is left of the factories, but the power plant, some rockets and a bunker remain for visitors. After the war Peenemunde was used as an East German military base  consequently there is also a lot of East German military equipment on show.

Access : Coordinates: 54.133333, 13.766667 / The Usedomer Baderbahn UBB has a connection to Zinnowitz, and then onto the main German rail network. It is about 50 km by car from Greifswald /  There are also smaller ferries from Rugen in the summer.

Attractions : Peenemunde Historical Technical Museum (Historisch-Technisches Museum Peenemunde), Im Kraftwerk, Peenemunde . Apr-Sep: 10:00-18:00, Oct-Mar: 10:00-16:00, open daily (Nov-Mar: Mon closed). A museum of rocket technology between 1936-1945. It is housed in an impressive building of the power station at the former Army Testing Site. Regular: €8, Discount: €5.
Phenomenta, Museumstr. 12. Interactive science museum
Make a round trip by bus to the former launch sites of the V1, going over the airport with its shelters. It is not legally possible to get to the former launch pad of the V2-rockets, the test stand VII. The visit of the ruin of the oxygen plant may be illegal.

There are also two former Soviet military vessels open for visitors in the harbour: the submarine U 461 and the ship 1241 A

Activities : 1 The Monument Landscape. Monument Landscape is a hiking (or cycling) trail of 22 km starting at the Peenemunde Historical Technical Museum with 17 stopping points equipped with information boards. These include sites of historical-technical interest (like oxygen plant, air field, prison workers camp, etc.). The map of the trail (in German) can be downloaded from the Museum’s web site

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