Predjama Castle

Predjama Castle is a castle built inside the mouth of a cave in the southwest of Slovenia. In Slovenian jama  it means “cave”, so its name means “castle in a cave”. It is located approximately nine kilometers from the city of Postojna. The castle is in a spectacular location, facing a cliff of 123 meters. Queen over the Lokva stream like an eagle’s nest. Although in fact the castle dates from the late sixteenth century, there was already a construction in the same place since 1202.
The interior of the castle offers a medieval image. Although life at that time was difficult and unhealthy, it offered what in those times was valued most: security. Behind the castle there is a cave, which made possible the construction of the castle. This cave also allowed its inhabitants to have a safe back and that gave the castle a great strategic advantage with respect to possible enemies. In the highest part of the cave there is a small gallery that had a secret exit and an evacuation path. It is the one that the knight Erasmo Lueger used during the siege of the castle to provide food.
One of the curiosities of Predjama Castle is its insertion in the geological environment, karst type. The man could build a castle of this type only in Carso and with this he also sought security and mimicry with the natural environment. This symbiosis was a success and the legend tells us about it.
In 1570 they built the castle in the shape we know today, commissioned by Ivan Kobenzl. 240 years later he was inherited by Count Mihael Coronini and in 1846 he was bought by Prince Windischgratz.
There is a museum in the castle and parts of the cave. On display are weapons, household items, pictures and tools. For some years, it is also possible to visit the cave itself.
After a burglary, the secret passage was walled up at the beginning of the 17th century and only after the Second World War by speleologists opened, driven and closed again. Since about 2000, the corridor is exposed again.

Tips : the world’s largest cave castle , Predjama Castle in the Guinness Book of World Records / explore Ezaram’s secret tunnels

Access : Coordinates: 45.815278, 14.126667 / Location : Predjama 1, Postojna 6230, Slovenia / located in the village of Predjama 9 km north of Postojna – follow the signs from Postojna / A shuttle service from Postojna Cave to the castle is available in July and August .

Hours : Open : 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM / Entrance Fee : Predjama Castle Details 13,80 €

Services : Tours and Travel Services /  museum at entry level / parking lots toilets, cafes and shops outside the entrance./ Free audio guide.

Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities / Castle tours /

Nearby Attractions : The Planina polje / Planina Cave / Ravbar’s Tower / Haasberg Castle / Castle Barn


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