Sant Jaume de Frontanyà

Sant Jaume de Frontanyà is a village in Spain in the province of Barcelona, an autonomous community in Catalonia.

The village is located around the church of Sant Jaume de Frontanyà.
The first mention of the place comes from the year 905  at that time the first church was consecrated. The construction of today’s church began in 1066  it was probably completed in the 11th century and formed the religious, cultural and economic core of the settlement for centuries.

The place Sant Jaume de Frontanyà is located on the southern slope of the Serra de Catllaràs, a foothill of the Pyrenees, at an altitude of about 1075 meters above sea level. Today forestry and tourism in the form of renting out holiday homes  are the most important sources of income for the population.

Access : Coordinates: 42.188889, 2.025833 / the city of Barcelona is about 138 kilometers south.

Highlights :

  •  The town is under the protection of Asset of Cultural Interest, as a protective environment for the church. It was declared as such on November 25, 2005.
  •  The church of San Jaime de Frontanya is the most visible element of the small homonymous nucleus. The current building was built around the year 1070 as the seat of a small community of Augustinian monks ruled by a prior, well documented since the mid-12th century.
  •  Hermitage of Sant Esteve de Tubau, of pre Romanesque origin, is about five kilometers from the village and dates from the 11th century / Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Elms. 18th century.
  •  Sant Jaume de Frontanyà Town Hall : The Town Hall is located in a house that follows the traditional architecture, located in the center of the mountain town.

Activities : Scenic Driving- Auto Touring / sightseeing / photo opportunities / trekking / Ancient Culture Study

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