Skanor is a town in Vellinge Municipality and part of the conurbation Skanor med Falsterbo in southwestern Scania, Sweden.

City facilities include hotels, restaurants, a harbour, a medieval church and an elementary school. A greenbelt called Skanors vangar will be a new residential area in Skanor. The Harbours : The Harbour of Skanor is big. It is a fishing and guest harbour. In the summer, there is a market called Sillamarknaden with a funfair and a beer tent and live bands. A locally famous janitor is a frequent visitor to the fair and one of its many attractions.

“Jollebryggan”, situated on the north part of the harbour, is a bridge deck which both old and young residents use for casual swimming. The older residents can be observed early mornings from late April to early October at “Jollebryggan”, the younger residents usually use the bridge deck for night swimming.

There is also a small fishing harbour on the east coast of Skanor in Hollviken. The harbour consists mainly of small red fishing huts and a small ramp into the ocean. This harbour is completely natural and has no manmade features except for the aforementioned fishing huts. This harbour has no restaurants but it does have a toilet and a small raft wit a picnick table on it out at sea.

For many years the restaurant and night club “Badhytten”, situated in the harbour, was Skanor’s most popular entertainment establishment. “Badhytten” attracted local residents as well as exotic celebrity guests and made Skanor the St. Tropez of Sweden. Celebrities such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Mona Seilitz were known to frequent “Badhytten” on their rare trips home to Sweden. However, “Badhytten” burned down in January 2009, just before major renovations were to be carried out. The restaurant was rebuilt in the summer of 2016 in almost the same location. The difference being that the restaurant now lies partially inside the sand dunes.

Access : Coordinates: 55.416667, 12.85 / By Air : Airports near Skanor-med-Falsterbo : Vellinge Airfield is 11 kilometers away from Skanor-med-Falsterbo.
Copenhagen Kastrup Airport is 27 kilometers away from Skanor-med-Falsterbo.
MalmA Sturup Airport is 36 kilometers away from Skanor-med-Falsterbo.
Staffanstorp BjA¤llerup Field is 39 kilometers away from Skanor-med-Falsterbo.
Copenhagen Roskilde Airport is 50 kilometers away from Skanor-med-Falsterbo.

Ryanair  flies to Malmo’s Sturup airport. Falsterbo is 30 miles away by bus it’s about 90 minutes – take the Flygbussarna to Malmo Sodervarn, then change to the Skanetrafiken 100 service for Falsterbo. There are hire-car options at the airport , while a taxi costs around £60 (

Highlights :

  • Skanor’s stubble beer  /  St. Olof’s Church / Skanor Town Hall  / Skanor’s castle  /  Fisherman’s cottage / Skanor’s harbor with Skanor’s lighthouse Mollan
  • Mollan is an ancient windmill on the outskirts of Skanor, situated at the beginning of the road to the harbour of Skanor
  • The beaches : Soft sand that creaks under your feet, tall and child-friendly. Falsterbo beach is 4.5 kilometers long and around Falsterbonaset there are even more kilometers of beach for the visitors to enjoy. The beaches in Skanor / Falsterbo came fifth in Sweden’s best beaches 2018, according to a survey by Resia.
  • The old hotel was not the first building to be called Falsterbohus, but it was also the name of the castle whose ruin can still be visited on the site. The castle was built in the 13th century and was demolished in the late 16th century when Falsterbo lost much of its strategic importance.

Activities : Birding /  Falsterbo Horse Show /  Water sports

Go next : Ljunghusen / Hollviken / Bunkeflostrand / Trelleborg


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