The Bastorf Lighthouse

The BUK lighthouse is topographically the highest lighthouse in Germany
The BUK lighthouse is topographically the highest lighthouse in Germany
The lighthouse of Bastorf or Buk Lighthouse stands in the municipality of Bastorf on the Mecklenburg Bay of the Baltic Sea above Cape Bukspitze.( Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania ,Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is a Land-state in Germany, )

The Bastorf lighthouse, built in 1878, essentially marks the presence of a dangerous sandbank at the entrance to Wismar Bay, part of the large bay of Mecklenburg. The oil lamp was replaced by an electric lamp on January 2, 1925. Until the early 1960s, it was a walking destination until it became a military building.  In 1979, the last guardian left his post and the lighthouse became automatic. The lighthouse was renovated between 1991 and 1999 and received a hertzian beam from the Deutsche Marine.
Highest lighthouse in Germany
The BUK lighthouse is topographically the highest lighthouse in Germany, even though it is one of the smallest with a height of only 20.8 m.
Until the early 1960s, the tower was a popular destination. After that he was classified as a military object and could not be entered for several years. Only after 1990, the tower was released to the public again as a lookout tower.

Access : Coordinates: 54 7.9112 N 11 41.6044 E / Address : Leuchtturm Bastorf , Jagerberg, Zum Leuchtturm 18230 Bastorf / A small access road will take you to the imposing lighthouse by car, on foot or by bike.  Bastorf Lighthouse is about only 3 kilometers from Kuhlungsborn (  Kühlungsborn  is a seaside resort  town in the Rostock district )

LightHouse Specifications : Year first constructed : 1876 to 1878 , Year first lit :N/A , Date Automated: 1979 Height of Focal Plane: 313 Tower Height: 68 , Description of Tower: Conical brick tower with red lantern. / Current status : Active

Facilities : viewing platform created in the former garden of the lighthouse keeper / Coffee and cake are  provided, at Cafe  right next to the lighthouse.

Opening hours : The lighthouse is open year-round mostly in the time from 11:00 to 16:00, in the summer months until 17:00, open to visitors / Entrance fees : The entrance fee per person is 2.50 euros and is always worthwhile.

Activities : sightseeing : photo opportunities / Trekking , along the Path / enjoy the panoramic view of the Baltic coastline / Spot marine wildlife

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