The Shipwreck of the MV Desdemona

Stranded on the beach of Cabo San Pablo, the cargo ship, The MV Desdemona
Stranded on the beach of Cabo San Pablo, the cargo ship, The MV Desdemona

Stranded on the beach of Cabo San Pablo, the steel hull cargo ship,  MV Desdemona was a merchant ship built in Hamburg, Germany, for the German company P.A. Kirsten and sold in the 1960s to an Argentinian company.
traveling from Ushuaia to Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina loaded with cement, suffered damage to engine and was deliberately stranded to avoid loss, then sustained a fire, resulting in his definitive abandonment.

The name Desdemona has a Greek origin, with a pejorative prefix such as “des” that precedes daimon or destiny, name therefore not very promising, because it means something like unhappy, or in English “un-fortunate”. So it would mean the woman or in this case the ship that has a bad destiny, Δαίμων in Greek. Translated into English as Desdemona has in the middle of the word “demon” the name of devil, something with which Shakespeare author of the tragedy “Othello, The Moor of Venice” could have played, because in the name of the main male character of tragedy is possible to read the word Ot- “hell” -that is hell.

The wreck of Desdemona is located in the San Pablo Cove between Cabo Ladrillero and Cabo San Pablo, on the Atlantic coast of the province of Tierra del Fuego.

Access : Coordinates: :  -66.7007 -54.297594, -66.699672 / Location : Cabo San Pablo , Provincial Route A , 80 kilometers from Tolhuin , Tierra del Fuego. / The wreck is located on the beach south of Cabo San Pablo and the mouth of the San Pablo River,at an oblique angle in relation to the coastline about 130 m from the high tide line.

Activities : sightseeing : photo opportunities / Trekking , walking paths in the bay and along the beach all the way out to the lighthouse / Guided tours / Spot marine wildlife / snow mobile tours / Camping

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