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Ada Bojana

Ada Bojana (also known as Ada) is an island in the Adriatic that belongs to Montenegro. It lies in the small delta of the Bojana River  in the Adriatic.

Located near the city of Ulcinj in the extreme south-east of Montenegro on the border with Albania.
The island was created by the Bojana River delta. Legend has it that it was formed by collecting river sand around a boat sunk at the mouth of the Bojana River.

The island is triangular in shape, bordering both sides of the Bojana River and the Adriatic Sea to the southwest. The island has an area of 4.8 square kilometres.

Ada Bojana is a popular tourist destination with a 3 km long sandy beach and traditional seafood restaurants. Ada Bojana is one of the top surfing sites on the Adriatic coast due to strong winds during the summer days, especially in the afternoon.

Access : Coordinates: 41.8625, 19.361111 / Location: Ulcinj municipality, part of the sea coast on the border with Albania at the mouth of the Boyana River./
The area is located near the border with Albania, at a distance of 80 km from Budva and 42 km from Bar. By bus, you can only get to the bus station of Ulcinj , and then – on the way, by taxi or transfer. You can walk from the southeastern end of the 13-km Great Beach in Ulcinj: to the famous sandy nudist beach on the island of Ada Bojana, you will still have to go over the bridge.

Highlights :

  •  The only hotel on the island is particularly aimed at naturists. A bridge over the right arm of the river connects Ada Bojana to the Montenegrin side of the mainland. There is the small town of Sveti Nikola.
  •  The New York Times has included the island of Ada Bojana and the southern coast of Montenegro in the ranking of the largest tourist destinations for 2010 – “Top Places to Go in 2010” (Top places for 2010).
  •  The beaches and the seabed are covered with fine sand. The right bank of the Bojana River divides the 13-kilometer-long island of Ulcinj. The nearest settlement is the village of Stoj, and the town of Ulcinj.
  •  It is widely known not only for its artificial origin, but also for the fact that since 1973 there has been a nudist village of the same name “Ada-Boyana” on its territory, which can accommodate 100 residents. A place suitable for surfing.
  •  The banks of the Buna River are known for fishing barracks, from which locals traditionally catch fish that can be eaten at many nearby fish restaurants. The well-known Yugoslav film “Lepota poroka” was shot in 1985 in this country
  •  Ada Boyana is also a famous fishing place. Here you can experience the delights of sea and river fishing on your own, but the main tourist attraction is a visit to the unique local river restaurants.
  •  The island of Ada Boyana managed to become a place for filming, in 1985 the famous Yugoslav film “Beauty of vice” (“Lepota of vice”) was filmed here.

Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities / trekking / Kite-surfing on the Ada Bojana / horse riding school.

Go next : Ulcinj Old Town, the most southern coastal town of Montenegro. / Long Beach (Velika Plaza) as the name implies, is the longest beach on the Adriatic Sea

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