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Aguas Turquesas , The Millpu Pools

Aguas Turquesas , The Millpu Pools, located near the town of Circamarca in the district of Huancaraylla, approximately 120km from Ayacucho,Peru.

There are a total of 20 natural pools, which have a turquoise and green color, are adorned by the vegetation that surrounds them, forming a landscape worthy of a dream postcard. The color of its waters is produced due to the sunlight and the minerals carried by the river.

The natural pools of Millpu were only discovered at the beginning of the 21st century. Millpuy means “swallow” in Quechua. Due to the legends, many of the locals do not visit it often. Due to the strange rock formations, combined with the natural waters, it was said that the devil’s throat lived there.
Although it is not yet a highly promoted tourist attraction, each time this wonderful place is making its way to tourism and gaining popularity among travelers,To enjoy Millpu in all its splendor, it is advisable to visit it from April to November of each year. During these months, the climate is dry and there is no rain. In addition, the waters are less cold and more crystalline.

Access : Coordinates: -13.72168,-74.10443 / Aguas Turquesas , The Millpu Pools, located near the town of Circamarca in the district of Huancaraylla, from where you must walk no more than 30 minutes to reach the circuit that runs through the natural pools.

Highlights :

  • The entrance to the natural pools of Millpu is located in the small population center of Circamarca in the Huancaraylla District,Upon arrival, you must pay an entrance ticket, to continue later with a 30-minute walk to the pools.At the end of the trail there is a waterfall, which is also the source of the Millpu River, the waters of the waterfall descend between the canyons and form approximately 20 small pools reaching a second waterfall at the end, smaller than the first.
  • Local authorities has decided to prohibit tourists from entering the pools , the large number of tourists who enter and bathe in the Turquoise Waters of Millpu have begun to damage and change the color.
  • In the center of Ayacucho it is possible to find several agencies that make this tour to the Turquoise Waters,The visit includes a walk along the edge of the canyon to get a panoramic view of the natural pools, as well as going down to them to observe them up close.
  • You will also visit a waterfall that marks the beginning of the pools and the Millpu
  • The best time to visit Aguas Turquesas is between May and September,Although the path is fully signposted, it is advisable to be accompanied by a guide.
  • For lovers of extreme sports, it is possible to practice canyoning and rappelling in Millpu.

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