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Bâlea Lake

Balea Lake is a glacial lake at an altitude of 2,040 m in the Fagaras Mountains, in central Romania, in Sibiu County. Balea located at an altitude of 2034 m above sea level Its area is 4.65 ha, maximum depth is 11.35 m.
The lake lies next to the northern edge of the crossing tunnel at an altitude of 2027 m a.s.l. mountain range from north to south, about 13 kilometers south of Cartisoara, where the Transfagarasan Road crossing the Fagaras Mountains begins, approx. 2 km northeast of the Laitel peak (2390 m above sea level) and approx. 3 km northeast of the second in terms of the height of the peak of Romania, Negoiu (2535 m above sea level)
The mountain peaks around the lake from east to west are Netedu Peak (2351 m), Vaiuga Peak (2443 m), Iezerul Caprei (2417 m), Paltin Peak (2399 m), Piscul Balei ( 2300 m).
The section of the Transfagaras highway, which leads north from the lake, carries the name road into the clouds, because the road winding down in serpentines sometimes seems to end in the clouds above the valley.

Access : Coordinates: 45.602, 24.617 / Lake Balea is about 77 km from the cities of Sibiu, 68 km from Făgăraș and 85 km from Curtea de Argeș . During the summer you can reach by car, on Transfagarasan road, and in the rest of the time by cable car, from Balea Cascada cottage near Balea waterfall.
Balea Bus : Balea Bus is a transfer service between Sibiu and the Transfagarasan Road, ( tourist bus and runs only with a reservation ) / Cable car : Opening hours: Monday – Sunday 09: 00-17: 00 , Rates for cable car transport : Balea Cascada – Balea Lac Traseu Unit price Ron / person
Climb – adult 30 Ron : 35 Ron starting with 01.07.2019 , Descent – adult 30 Ron , 35 Ron starting with 01.07.2019 , Climbing – children between 2 – 12 years ,
– children between 0 – 2 years 15 Ron Free of charge , Descent – children between 2-12 years ,
– children between 0 – 2 years 15 Ron Free of charge , Hand luggage – tourists Large luggage 10 Ron , Balea Cascada – Balea Lac Traseu Unit price Ron / person

Highlights: :

  • Balea hut and ice hotel : On a small peninsula in the lake is the managed Balea hut, which serves both as a popular destination and as a base for hiking in the surrounding mountains. In the immediate vicinity was built in winter 2006, the first ice hotel in Eastern Europe. The igloo built hotel sleeps 16 people.the cottage offers accommodation according to international standards.
  • There is a year-round cable car, a weather station and the Salvamont mountain rescue station.
  • It is possible to ski in winter from Lake Balea. There is no ski area strictly speaking, but only suitable slopes for off-piste skiing (downhill from the lake to the Balea waterfall).
  • Hiking : Balea Lac – Lacul Capra is a round-trip trail located near Cartisoara, Sibiu, Romania, which has a lake and is classified as moderate. The trail is mainly used for hiking. Distance: 1.4 km , Elevation: 252 m , Type of route: Round trip
  • Hiking : Balea waterfall – Balea Lac : The path begins beyond the Cabana Balea Cascada where we will find a wide track with amazing views . Following the marks of a triangle of blue and white there is no possible loss and we arrive at Cabana Balea Lac with incredible views.Distance: 7.5 km km , Max alti. : 2189 m , Avg alti. : 1680 m
  • Transfagarasan – The most spectacular road in the world according to Top Gear tv show.

Activities : Scenic Driving- Auto Touring / ski in winter from Lake Balea / sightseeing / photo opportunities / trekking / Drive at Transfagarasan Road and The famous Transfagara?an crossing. / Explore Villages with Fortified Churches in Transylvania

Go next : Balea waterfall / lakes : Capra Podragel, Podragu, Avrig, Urlea / Cartisoara / Victoria / Fagaras Nature Park, Balea Nature Reserve and Arpasel Nature Reserve are all nearby. / Monastery of Horezu



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