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Boquillas Canyon

Boquillas Canyon is the longest and deepest canyon in Big Bend National Park . The Rio Grande on the eastern side of Big Bend National Park cuts through the Sierra del Carmen Mountains of Mexico, creating beautiful Boquillas Canyon.the canyon to river level is over 7,000 feet, somewhat deeper than the Grand Canyon of the Colorado.!

Boquillas Canyon is the longest and deepest canyon in Big Bend National Park. ( Big Bend National Park is a national park located south of the state of Texas, United States. It is border with Mexico having the Rio Grande as the southern limit of the protected area. )
Boquillas is not as deep or sheer as Santa Elena, nor as rugged as Marsical but is still very impressive.
The Boquillas canyon offers expeditions by rapids of white water that you will never forget. It is a 53-kilometer long trip along the Rio Grande and includes two nights camping under a canyon that rises to 365 meters. The experience is mystical.

Access : Coordinates:  Brewster County , Texas, USA , 29.213434, -102.885650 / Address:  Rio Grande Wild & Scenic River , c/o Big Bend National Park , PO Box 129 , Big Bend National Park, TX 79834 / Distance from major cities : Dallas 500,  Austin 415 ,  San Antonio 400 ,  Houston 600 ,  El Paso 350 ,  Midland-Odessa 175 ,  Oklahoma City 710, Little Rock 815 (all distances are approximate and depend upon starting point, destination point on the river and route taken.

Highlights :

  •  Boquillas Canyon Trail : Boquillas Canyon Trail is a 1.2 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Big Bend National Park, this trail is a Family Friendly, Children will love to explore the sandy river bank along the trail
  •  Explore 2,000-foot-deep Boquillas Canyon : For visitors with less experience, a relaxing two to four day river trip through Boquillas Canyon is a great choice. The rapids in this 33-mile journey only rate up to Class II. Camping a couple of nights by the soothing sounds of the river, and marveling at the 1,200 foot canyon walls, allow time to forget the daily distractions of life. As you travel down the canyon, notice the remains of candelilla wax mining camps on the Mexican side of the river.
  •  canoeing : Explore 2,000-foot-deep Boquillas Canyon , This will be an exciting canoeing adventure through 33-mile 2,000-foot-deep scenic Boquillas Canyon , the cliffs overlooking the Rio Grande River and in deep side canyons, and explore traces of the region’s ancient inhabitants.

facilities and services : visitor center / country store / large parking lot suitable for motorhomes.

Activities : Explore 2,000-foot-deep Boquillas Canyon / sightseeing / photo opportunities / Hike along the Rio Grande / kayaking from San Vicente to Boquillas / Spend a Night or Two Camping under the Dark Skies / Canoe Trips along the Rio Grande River /
/ Scenic Driving- Auto Touring /

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