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Bornholm is a Danish island in the southern Baltic Sea,

located 40 km southeast of Skane and about 170 km from Copenhagen, between 54 ° 59 ‘and 55 ° 17’ north latitude and 14 ° 41 ‘and 15 ° 9’ eastern length. It has an area of 588 km² and has 39,695 inhabitants (2017). Bornholm is a municipality named Bornholm’s regional municipality. It was formed on January 1, 2003 by amalgamation of five former municipalities and the county municipality. On January 1, 2007, the regional municipality became one of 29 municipalities in the Capital Region of Denmark.

The region runs Bornholm Hospital, while the state runs Bornholm’s gymnasium and other youth education programs, among others. nursing.  More than 70 per cent of the inhabitants live in urban areas, of which the largest are Ronne (central), Nexo, Aakirkeby, Allinge-Sandvig and Hasle. Bornholm has a ferry connection with Ystad in Sweden, Koge in Denmark and Sassnitz in Germany.
The island is known as solskinsoen (Sunshine Island) or “Pearl of the Baltic” because of its weather and klippeoen (Rock Island) because of its sandy beaches on the south coast. The heat from the summer is stored in the rock formations and the weather is quite warm until October. As a result of the climate, a local variety of the common fig, known as Bornholm’s Diamond, can grow locally on the island.

Cities : Ronne, Bornholm’s largest city with about 10,000 inhabitants. Nexo , Gudhjem , Allinge-Sandvig , Aakirkeby , Svaneke ,  Listed , Hasle , Snogebæk , Dueodde , Arnager / Ertholmene , Hammershus

Access : Coordinates: 55.143056, 14.920833 / By ferry : Domestic Departures and Arrivals
Bornholmer Faergen  Ronne-Koge, regular, estimated to take 4 hours.From elsewhere in Denmark, it may be easier to travel through Copenhagen, via Ystad to Ronne.  The total time from Copenhagen takes 3 hours, including the bus to Ystad.

International Departures and Arrivals : Bornholmer Faergen  Ystad – Ronne, Sassnitz – Ronne. On their website you can also buy tickets from Copenhagen to Ronne. These tickets will be valid for a bus ride from the central train station in Copenhagen (leaving just opposite Tivoli) to the ferry terminal in Ystad in southern Sweden, from where you can walk onto the ferry. Remember to print out the tickets before depature and photo-ID, since you will be going through Swedish bordercontrol. Kolobrzeg – Nekso ferry  from April till October.  Sassnitz – Ronne ferry from April till October.

By plane :  Bornholm airport  in Ronne has regular flights (up to six return a day) to Copenhagen operated by Danish Air Transport (DAT). International Departures and Arrivals :  All international flights seem to work only in summertime. Wideroe  from Oslo.
Spies  from Mallorca and Antalya.  Domestic Departures and Arrivals, Danish Air Transport  – from Copenhagen at least until early October.

Get around : By bus :  There are 9 bus lines connecting cities and attractions. Some stops are designed for getting off, walking a scenic route and getting on a bus at the next stop. The BAT 24 hour ticket at €18 can be a good deal if you travel a few times and do not want to worry about the rates and zones.

By bike :  The easiest way to explore Bornholm is by bike, the longest distance on the island is 36 km. There are excellent biking facilities all over Bornholm. It is easy to rent a bike at Bornholm an the charge varies from place to place but about €10 for a day and €20 for a whole week.
By bus :  There are 9 bus lines connecting cities and attractions. Some stops are designed for getting off, walking a scenic route and getting on a bus at the next stop.

The BAT 24 hour ticket at €18 can be a good deal if you travel a few times and do not want to worry about the rates and zones.
By taxi :  You can hail a taxi on the street, or call for one to come pick you up at a specific address.  The charge for a trip from the airport to Ronne is approximately €7, and a trip from Ronne to Nexo (longest distance) is €50.

Highlights :

  • Joboland :  An amusement park near Svaneke with a small water park, animals and rides./ Opal Lake, 20-minute walk from Hammershus is the beautiful Opal Lake
  • Dueodde – white sanded beaches with some of the finest sand in the world.
  • Allinge-Sandvig : These two amalgamated towns on the Northern coast of the island are both romantic and pretty. Allinge is especially lovely and famous for its Smokehouse and its annual Jazz Festival.
  • Round churches :  The old part of Ronne / The rocking stone , The 35-tonne-heavy rocking stone has been there since the last ice age
  • Slotslyngen – wild nature near Hammershus
  • Bornholms Kunstmuseum The largest art collection on Bornholm. Includes such artists as Oluf Host (Host), Karl Isakson and many others. The museum is most famous for its fantastic architecture and amazing location on the sea side.
  • Hammershus A large ruin at the northernmost point of the island.
    The Medieval Centre of Bornholm A small rebuilt city from the medieval times. They have stalls, demonstrations, food, performers and special activities for children.
  • Almindingen – Third largest Danish forest
  • Svaneke A Very well preserved town on the most Eastern point of the island, Svaneke boasts the most hours of sunlight in all of Northern Europe. Known as one of the prettiest and best preserved towns on the island it is also well known for its many artists and galleries.
  • Forests :  Almindingen – The third largest forest in Denmark. Paradisbakkerne
    Rytsker Hojlyng – Home of ‘Rokkestenen’ a massive rock approx. 35 tonnes.
  • Beaches : Dueodde – The sand is ultra-fine . The water is clear and clean with lots sand bars, The sand is white and if it were not for the pine trees in the distance, one would believe to be in the tropics.
    Balka – Balka is the most popular beach on Bornholm. It is several kilometres long and has very fine sand and shallow water.
    Antoinette – A beach north of Ronne, plenty space to be yourself and enjoy the weather and ocean.
    Hullehavn – A small beach on the outskirts of Svaneke, it’s incorporated into the cliffs and even has a divingboard. The beach has camping on one side of it and the lighthouse on the other. Hullehavn is known for how it’s easy-going atmosphere. . There are often concerts and at the cafe and djs and dancing.

Activities :  Gallery tours ,  Swimming ,  Surfing ,  Sailing ,  Fishing , Camping ,  Bicycling
Sunbathing ,  Walk/trekking

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