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Bovec  is a small town in the Julian Alps in northwestern Slovenia. It is also the name of the local town of the commune. The upper Isonzo and Trenta valleys make up the most north-eastern part of the historic Goriska region and the Slovenian part of Friuli. In the early Middle Ages, it passes under the rule of the Frankish kingdoms and marks the limit of the Verona march founded by the Germanic king Otto I in 952.
Bovec appears for the first time in historical documents under the patriarchs of Aquileia in 1174. Around the year 1420, the region was conquered by the Republic of Venice. Bovec was one of the main transit points to the border with the North-West Duchy of Carinthia (passing the Predil Pass) and the Duchy of Carniola to the northeast. In the fifteenth century, the fortress of Kluze was built to repel the looting of the Ottoman army.

After the hostilities of the League of Cambrai and the defeat of the Venetians against the Emperor Maximilian in 1509, Bovec falls to the Habsburg monarchy; later, the territory was incorporated in the county of Gorizia and Gradisca. In 1797, the fortress also saw fighting during the advance of the forces of Napoleon I against the Austrian Empire4. The Isonzo Valley was the scene of many ferocious battles between Italy and the Austro-Hungarian Empire called Battles of Isonzo between 1915 and 1917 during the First World War.

Today The region is focused on tourism and nature activities , including Triglav National Park , The area received the European Destinations of Excellence award in 2008 with the Soca Stories project.

Access : Coordinates: 46.336792, 13.550986 / By bus : Buses run from Ljubljana twice a day during the week and take approximately 3.5h. It costs €13.60. By car : From Italy and Austria via Tarvisio (Trbiz) and Predel Pass (1156 m) , From Kranjska gora via Vrsic Pass (1611 m) , From Italy via Udine (Videm) – Tarcento (Centa) – Uccea (Ucja) – Zaga
From Nova Gorica – Tolmin – Kobarid

Attractions : The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (2008) was shot right here in Bovec / Soca Valley , Swimming in crystal clear water, rafting, fishing , trekking or paragliding are some of the things you can do in Soca valey. / Boka Waterfall , Zhaga 156a, Bovec 5224, Slovenia , Amazing view from the top and worth the hike. A day trip from Bovec. You can go to the viewpoint or hike to the top of waterfall. / Fort Hermann , Trg golobarskih zhrtev 8, Bovec 5230,  This majestic fort above the Koritnica gorge is one of the most visited cultural sights in the Soca valley. / Fort Kluze –  Herman’s fort ,  Trdanjava Kluze, Bovec 5230, In the 15th century, the Kluze Fort was a wooden fortification, intended to prevent the Turkish invasions to Koroska –  Opening hours  July, August daily, 9.00 – 20.00 June, September Sunday to Friday, 10.00–17.00; Saturdays, 10.00– 20.00 May, October Saturdays and Sundays, 10.00– 17.00 /  Mangrtska Cesta , Mangartstrasse , Bovec 5230, The highest mountain road , when you are on the top you can see Austria, Italy and Slovenia. / Ravelnik Open Air Museum , Ravni Laz, Bovec 5230, This open air museum is on the road from Bovec to Kluze on the right side, / Predil Pass , Predilpass, Bovec 5230, The Predil Pass or Predel Pass (el. 1156 m) is a high mountain pass on the border between Italy and Slovenia.  / Celo , Near Kal-Koritnica Village, Bovec 5230, Slovenia , hese Austrian – Hungarian Battery racks are well preserved and view over the Bovec valey.

Activities : Rafting on Soca River , The soca river is famous for its white-water rafting or kayaking possibilities. There are many companies in Bovec with offers for kayaking, rafting, canyoning or hydrospeed. A kayak trip including all material will cost about €40 per person for a 1-2 hour trip. There are plenty of mountain biking (bike rentals for approx. €20/day) and hiking trails ( the Peace Trail from Bovec to Kluze Fortress, the Soca Trail, and the Alpe-Adria Trail ) along the mountain that borders the city. Topographical trail maps can be purchased at the tourist information center for €7.

There is a cable car that runs up the Kanin mountain but check the schedule as it doesn’t run in the off season.cheese tasting on the Mangart Plain, the Kanin circular cableway,

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