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Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid Statue

The Little Mermaid  is called a bronze figure on the Langelinie waterfront in Copenhagen, Denmark.
The sculptor Edward Eriksen, as a model, chose the famous Danish ballerina of the Royal Theater of the early twentieth century, who was also the wife of the master.
The monument was created by Danish sculptor Edward Eriksen by order of a large businessman, owner of the Carlsberg brewing concern and philanthropist Carl Jacobsen. The son of the creator of the Carlsberg brewery, impressed by the ballet The Little Mermaid, invited the ballerina who performed the main role to pose for the sculptor Edward Eriksen. Over time, the statue was donated to the city.
For more than 95 years, the landmark of Denmark has been the little mermaid, a cute character of the world famous fairy tale of the same name by the famous Danish storyteller H.-K. Andersen.

Access : Coordinates:55.692861, 12.599278 / Address: Langelinie, 2100 København Ø -Copenhagen, Denmark / By public transport: There is no public transport directly to the sculpture. It takes about 7 minutes to walk from the nearest stop. By bus number 1A to the Esplanaden stop. By bus number 26 – to the Indiakaj stop. By water bus no. 991 or no. 992, get off at Nordre Toldbod , Københavns Havn.
/ By car: From the Central Railway Station to the sculpture about 4 km. Parking a couple of minutes walk.

Highlights :

  • Sailors from all over the world give flowers to the Little Mermaid. And tourists believe that the sculpture brings good luck if you touch it.
  •  “The Little Mermaid” by Hans Christian Andersen. Located in the port of Copenhagen. The sculpture is 1.25 m high and weighs about 175 kg.
  • According to legend, everyone who touches the sculpture will definitely meet their love. The little mermaid is a symbol of love and good luck.
  • They say that the Mermaid monument in Copenhagen is a collective image of 3 women. One is a figment of Andersen’s imagination, about which the writer narrates in a fairy tale. The second is the prima ballerina of the Royal Theater, Ellen Price, who starred in the production of The Little Mermaid in 1909, after which Jacobsen came up with the idea of ​​making a sculpture and asked the ballerina to be a model.
    Therefore, another woman is captured in the statue – the wife of the sculptor Edward Eriksen, it is her body that is endowed with a bronze statue.
  • In 1836 the Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen wrote the fairy tale “The Little Mermaid”.

Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities / walk in town with its old districts / snapping selfies

Go next : Just 400 meters away. The so-called younger Little Mermaid / Stroll along the picturesque Langelinie embankment, admiring liners and yachts in the waters of Øresund and go to the Kastellet fortress.

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