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Druid stone, Morschach

The Druidenstein ορ Druid stone is a large Erratic block above Morschach in the canton of Switzerland.

When he retreated to the Alps after the last ice age 10,000 years ago, the Reuss glacier coming from the Gotthard Pass left several boulders in the area of Morschach. The most striking of them is the Druid stone.
The stone lies at an altitude of 758 m above sea level. M. northeast above the village on a top of the Grossegg. The stone measuring 7.5 x 6 meters on its surface and a volume of around 56 cubic meters rests almost horizontally on a smaller limestone block.

  • Literature : Writer Meinrad Inglin , the great-grandfather of hotelier Ambros Eberle, described the boulders of Morschach in his novel Werner Amberg: “There were granite blocks here, where they did not belong, for millennia, they were on a mighty glacier from the higher southern mountains hiked here and remained as foreign boulders down to the lake on the limestone cliffs of this mountain foot. »
  •  Description plate  : Ambros Eberle, the owner of the Grandhotel Axenstein, built in 1869 , arranged a way for the hotel guests to visit the Druid stone. In a prepared oval Description plate of two meters wide and one meter high he had an inscription paint, which is no longer visible today. “The stone is old! / By force of nature / Or human power / Made as a sacrificial table here / Or as a throne / At the big liquidation / From Olympias Heights / Stormed by Mercury Fohn / He is a throne and an altar / Like no one and no one was. »

Access : Coordinates: 46.988117, 8.622508 / The Druid stone is in the middle of a golf course . Access to the Druid stone is made possible with a public footpath from the clubhouse. / From the bus stop “Schwyzerhaus” it is easily accessible via a marked hiking trail in about a quarter of an hour.

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