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Dyna Lighthouse

Dyna Lighthouse is a famous landmark ,It is located about 300 meters southeast of the Bygdøy peninsula across from the island of Nakkholmen about three kilometers from the city port of Oslo,Norway.
The lighthouse building was erected in 1874. The first time the lighthouse was equipped with a fixed, white light and a fog bell. In 1928, the lighthouse became electric and the clock was replaced with a nautophone. The entire lighthouse was automated in 1956, and at the same time the lighthouse keeper position was abolished. Later, the house was left to Oslo Frømandsskole, which was given the task of maintaining the buildings. From 1992, Dyna Fyr AS has run the lighthouse as a  seafood restaurant and function room.
Dyna Lighthouse is popular, so it is important to book a place well in advance!

Access : Coordinates: 59.894875, 10.688419 / The lighthouse is located between Bygdøy and Nakkholmen in the Inner Oslo Fjord, just outside Huk. ,The boat trip out to the lighthouse takes about 25 minutes from Honnørbryggen in front of the City Hall.

Highlights :

  • The fire has been automated since 1956 and there are no more personnel.
  • The buildings were initially used privately and have served as a restaurant and exclusive event location since 1992.

Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities / Stay in a lighthouse!

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