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Egersalok is an an open-air spa and a village located in the district of Chavez in northeast Hungary.

The first mention of the settlement dates back to 1248. According to the diploma, the village was probably the victim of a Tartar invasion, and its name was Zolouk. The Szalok family purchased the surrounding areas around 1260, which they soon sold.
The area’s waters have been in use since the 1730s, though the current bath only started functioning in 1961. Before entering the spa pools, the pouring water flows through a series of cascades supported and travertine-lined; glittering mineral is precipitated from water as it binds to air at atmospheric temperatures. Travertine is locally called “salt” and the water cascade is called “Salt Hill”.

The main attraction of Egerszalok is the thermal spring springing up in the southern part of the settlement, which has a spa and adventure bath.
The pools of Egersalok contain water rich in calcium, magnesium and hydrocarbon minerals. A total of 17 outdoor and indoor pools with a total area of 1,900 m².
Surrounding the springs are pine trees, apple trees and beech groves known for the nearby Bikk Mountains. The region grows Egri Bikaver wine, sometimes called “bull blood” in English, and spa visitors sometimes enjoy the terroiristic experience of bathing in the bath and drinking wine, For lovers of classic spas, this is a great choice.

Access : Coordinates: 47.866667, 20.333333 / Egerszalok is located 100 km from Budapest and 8 km southwest of Eger. / The spa is located 8 km west of the Eger district headquarters.  Egersalok lies 133 kilometers from Budapest, in the valley of the Lasko River, between the Matra and Taurus masses. The village can be easily reached via the M3 motorway.

Highlights :

  •  Egerszalok Sodomb : attractive terraced limestone formations created by water flowing down the mountainside – The Sodomb is a symbol and trademark of Egerszalok. In the southern part of the town, the spring of the spring springs from the depths of the earth to almost 70 degrees Celsius, forming a spectacular limestone hill as it descends from the 18-meter-high hill. This limestone hill became known as the Sodomb. The Soda Hill is under local protection.The Sodomb consists of smaller larger edges, stairs, pools, caves. The reason for its formation is that hot water can contain more dissolved salts, therefore the cooling water is saturated with salts,Once the spa is built, you can reach it on a walkway. It is not possible to get close to the hill because the water rising from the depth is 65-68 degrees Celsius. It is safely approached at a distance of 4-5 meters.
  •  Thermal healing baths – water with a high content of calcium, magnesium, sulfur, excellent in the treatment of rheumatic diseases and in post-traumatic rehabilitation procedures.Healing hot springs – gushing from a depth of over 400 m, at a temperature of 65-68 ° C
  •  Dwellings in caves – inhabited until 1960 (open-air museum at the end of Safrany street – a monument of rural architecture) Egerszalok cave dwellings are presumably in the 17-18th c. century. In the middle of the 19th century there were 33 cave dwellings in Egerszalok. Some were still inhabited in the 60s. The cave dwellings were carved into tufa of volcanic origin, in which the poorest lived. Rhyolite tufa is easy to cut, well carved, and in its natural state is waterproof. These properties have been utilized for centuries, carving an apartment, a cellar and a barn.The Cave Homes provide a nice backdrop for summer shows, concerts, and an excellent venue for wine shows.
  •  Egerszalok hive stones : There are mysterious hive stones on the outskirts of Egerszalok, which are remnants of rhyolite tuff, which is hardened by the effect of volcanic after-effects on hot water. The theory of caverns is reinforced by the fact that some of the booths found pottery during excavation.
  •  Church of Saint Anthony of Padua in Demienne : The Church of Saint Anthony of Demigne in Padua was built by Giovanni Batista Carlone in Baroque style between 1730 and 1732.
  •  Egerszalok grapes and wine : Egerszalok, a few kilometers from Eger, is considered one of the pearls of the Eger wine region. According to records, vineyards were planted in this area as early as the 1200s, and the tradition was followed by the inhabitants of the area after the Turkish occupation.The wine producers of Egerszalok farm a little over 400 hectares. There are basically 62 grape varieties in the area.
  •  City under the city : Next to the stairs leading to the main entrance of the Eger Basilica is the city under the city exhibition hall, the entrance of the former archbishop’s cellar system built during the Turkish occupation.
  •  Egerszalok Roman Catholic Church : The Baroque Roman Catholic church of Egerszalok, built today, was built in 1738.and designed by the world-famous Italian architect Giovanni Battista Carlone. In the XVIII. It was expanded in the second half of the 20th century and in 1949 it had to be rebuilt due to the devastation of the World War.
  •  Egerszalok Spa and Wellness Bath : Built in a unique natural setting in Europe, the Saliris Resort Spa and Wellness Spa began its construction in the early 2000s. The thermal spa was opened in 2007 and the first hotel was welcomed by the associated hotel 3 years later.pools:adventure Pools , Seating pools with medicinal water , children’s Pool,Whirlpool , Weight bath pool , plunge Pool.
    The medical section includes calcium-magnesium bicarbonate medicinal water with excellent quality, qualified staff, exclusive sauna facilities, baths, special massages, which guarantee refreshment and healing.The wellness center features pampering baths, Thai massage rooms, which provide a perfect recharge through their soothing, stress-relieving effect.sauna World
    Inside, there are two Finnish saunas, a bio sauna, a steam bath, an aroma cabin, a thermium and a plunge pool. The outside area of  the spa features two Finnish sauna houses made of logs and a plunge pool.
  •  Village house – Egerszalok : The Village House is the primary community scene of Egerszalok. The building was originally a cover barn. Its main profile is cultural mediation, with an emphasis on self-education through education, training, dissemination of artistic and scientific knowledge, and the creation and production of artistic productions.The exhibition halls of the cave dwellings belonging to the Village House are open to visitors every day of the week.
  •  butterfly Museum : The Collection was moved from Bogacs to Egerszalok. In the open-air butterfly museum you can admire the tropical butterflies beside the European butterfly specimens, as well as the large Atlas butterfly (Attacus Atlas) from the largest butterfly specimens in the world.The only open-air butterfly museum in Eastern Europe is the Egerszalok butterfly museum.-Opening hours: May 1 – September 30 (Every day)-Address: Safrany ut 59.
  •  stone bridge : Built in the 19th century, the Egerszalok stone bridge is a one-hole stone bridge that crosses the Lasko stream. The building is located in the inner part of Egerszalok. A single-opening, segmental bridge with a trapezoidal bridge over the bridge heads.The Lasko Stream flows north of Egerszalok through the raised Laskovolgyi Reservoir
  •  Fishing Lake : The Egerszalok fishing lake, ie the Lasko Valley Reservoir, is the largest water surface in Bukkalja. The lake was built in 1982 by damming the Lasko Creek.
  •  Egerszalok Cricket Bus : The cricket viewer of the village is an electric minibus, during which visitors can get acquainted with the local sights and sights

Activities : special massages, which guarantee refreshment and healing / Thermal healing baths / Egerszalok Spa and Wellness Bath / Try The delicious wines of Egerszalok / sightseeing / photo opportunities / trekking

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