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El Castell de Guadalest

Guadalest ( Valencian: El Castell de Guadalest ) is a small town in the province of Alicante in Spain, in the administrative area of Marina Baixa.( The Marina Baixa is a coastal region of the Valencian-speaking part of the center of the Valencian Country ).

Guadalest, it seems, was founded by the Moors, who sculpted terraces on the surrounding hills and cultivated them. They are still irrigated by the original dikes built by the Moors. The settlement was greatly affected by earthquakes in 1644 and 1748.
Guadalest is 500 meters above sea level surrounded by the highest peaks in the province of Alicante. Aitana to the south, the Sierra de la Xorta and the Serrella to the north, and to the east the Sierra de Bernia and the sea. In 1970, at his feet, the Guadalest swamp was built. The Guadalest Valley is formed by the municipalities of Benimantell, Beniarda, Confrides, Benifato, Abded and Guadalest itself.

today it is an eminently tourist town, too crowded in high season. It has museums, souvenir and souvenir shops, handicraft stores, local products, bars, restaurants, It is declared a Historic-Artistic Site since 1974 and is part of the Association The most beautiful villages in Spain.

Access : Coordinates: 38.676944, -0.197778 / To reach Guadalest , there are two possible ways: one is to take the CV-70, between Alcoy and Callosa d’en Sarria, a road that crosses the Guadalest valley, crossing towns such as Benimantell, Benifato and Guadalest itself . The other possibility is to take the same highway CV-70 to Polop.
, From Altea you can reach Guadalest by the CV 755 that passes through Callosa d’en Sarria. You take this road before entering the toll of the AP-7 of Altea. 22km.

Highlights :

  •  old town : It is reached from El Arrabal through a tunnel carved into the rock. On the way, on the right, on the top of the rock, you can see the belfry, surrounded by La Alcozaiba, the remains of the ancient defensive fortification of the city. One of the gates of the tunnel is still preserved. In the passage there is access to further higher rooms and a small brick balcony. In addition to the archway, the stone coat of arms of the place is appropriate.
  • San Jose Castle : The castle, which has maintained its medieval character high on the castle rock and is surrounded by the remains of the old castle wall, was conquered by Jaime I and reinforced under Pedro IV. After the destruction of the War of Succession (1701-1714) only the cistern and the tower (Torre de homenaje) and remains of the castle wall remained. Access is via the townhouse.
  • Townhouse of the Ordunas : The four-storey townhouse with a wine cellar is located directly opposite the old city-side tunnel opening. It houses the city museum with goods and a documentary treasure of the Ordunas family
  • Parish Church of the Assumption (La Asuncion de la Virgen) : The church has access from the town house of the Ordunas, but also from the village street Calle La Iglesia. An inscription carved in stone next to the gothic entrance gate indicates the completion year 1753. It was built from 1734 to 1753 on the foundations of a 13th-century church and remodeled in 1962
  • town hall : The town hall is located in the Plaza San Gregorio. The building was built on a rainwater collection basin, which took up the drain from the rooftops. The former dungeon room from the 12th century was the first to be built.
  • Ethnological Museum : The museum is in the reconstruction of a house of the 18th century. Here you can see tools and household items and typical farm equipment for the time. It is located opposite the church. Here is also a weapons collection housed.
  • Museum Antonio Marco in El Arrabal : The museum displays cribs and a model of the city of Bethlehem as well as many other house models / Other museums , Toy Museum in El Arrabal , History and Torture Museum in El Arrabal , Historic Automobile and Motorcycle Museum Vall de Guadalest (6 km below the village in the direction of Altea) , Ribera Girona Museum: Contemporary art with particular emphasis on Ribera Girona in El Arrabal, Calle de la Pena.
  • miniature Museum : Two miniature museums can be visited, one in El Arrabal and another near the church. The visitor will find here original exhibitions of scale replicas, such. A tiny bible, Eiffel Tower in a needle eye, Picasso’s Guernica on a seed, all objects that the inexperienced eye can only recognize and observe with a strong magnifying glass.
  • The reservoir with boat tours : The reservoir Presa de Guadalest was put into operation in 1963. It absorbs the waters of the Guadalest Creek, which drains the surrounding mountains. He holds 13 million cubic meters of water. The dam has a height of 77.17 m above the foundation, the driveable dam crown is 285.15 m long
  • The views of the Torre del Penon de Alcala and the bell tower of the church at the top of the rock, with the sea in the background, are impressive.
  • Guadalest is surrounded by rocky hills, almost vertical walls that congregate many climbing enthusiasts. Next to the swamp there is a shelter for the night.
  • From here, there are also hiking trails such as PR-CV 149 and PR-CV 18. The first takes us to Castellet and the second to the Xorta summit.

Events : August 14 to 17: In honor of the Virgen de la Asuncion (Assumption of the Virgin) with flower sacrifices, processions, vespers and various performances and fireworks.

Activities : walking or hiking : The views from the Town Hall Square or from the San Jose Castle are spectacular / sightseeing / photo opportunities

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