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Hvide Sande

Hvide Sande is a fishing village in the Central Jutland region of West Jutland, Denmark. on the Danish west coast, located on the Spit Holmsland Klit at the pier to Ringkobing Fjord.

The town develops around its lock built in 1931 that separates the North Sea from the Ringkobing Fjord. Hvide Sande now has one of the most important ports in the country, this port concentrates more than 200 foreign boats and allows the city to be one of the most important in Denmark for sea products trade: Hvide Sande takes place every day at a fishing auction.
The lock in White Sands :
In connection with the fisheries, the two shipyards in Hvide Sande must be mentioned: A / S Hvide Sande Ship & Baadebyggeri and the West Yard. Both yards are renowned for shipbuilding. The West yard is a newbuilding yard with deliveries to Greenland, Ireland, Norway etc., and A / S Hvide Sande Skibs- og Baadebygeri is one of Denmark’s most recognized wooden shipyards. In the winter months you can see several large wooden ships, for example. Fulton, on the yard of the yard.

The city now has one of Denmark’s largest fishing ports with more than 200 resident fishing vessels, of which approx. 145 of more than 5 tons., after cleared catch, the fishing port is fifth in Denmark. The lively harbor environment, fishmongers and smokehouses attract many tourists.

Access : Coordinates: / You can get to the region via train or bus / By car from Hamburg to Hvide Sande , the ride is 3h 50m , 362 km

Highlights :

  •  In the center of the city is the lock system with a bascule bridge for road traffic.
  •  the daily fish auction at the harbor at seven o’clock in the morning. The local fishery museum “Fiskeriets Hus” displays the regional marine fauna on an exhibition area of approximately 400 m².
  •  the lighthouse Lyngvig Fyr. With a height of 38 m and a fire height of 53 m, it is one of the tallest lighthouses in Denmark. The lighthouse was automated in 1965.Located Six kilometers north of Norre Lyngvig
  •  Southwards is the museum Abelines Gaard. The typical regional homestead from 1854 gives an impression of the life conditions on the Spit in earlier times. In 1996, the Museum of Excellence in Heritage Conservation was awarded the Europa Nostra Prize
  •  Seven kilometers south of Hvide Sande lies the church of Haurvig. Built as a chapel in 1869, it was renovated in 1947 and also received a church tower. In the cemetery are graves and stones of soldiers of the Allied forces
  •  Kabelpark : Outdoor activities – wakepark in Denmark / Cyklus , Noerregade 2, monument with good vistas / Hvide Sande Bryghus , small brewery / Dancamps North Sea Camping & Water Park / Havneliv. Bathing beach
  •  Abelines Gaard , Sdr. Klitvej 87, Hvide Sande 6960, Open : 11:00 am – 5:00 pm ,Abelines Gaard is a square farm in Hvide Sande, which was built between 1854 and 1871 by the beach guard Christian Christensen in typical West Jutisches style. In 1974, the farm was bought by an independent foundation and converted into a museum of local history. The well-preserved courtyard is still decorated today as it was during Christensen’s time. In 1996, Abelines Gard received the Europa Nostra Award in recognition of the preservation of the farm. The farm is part of the Ringkobing-Skjern Museum.
  •  Fiskeriets Hus , Noerregade 2B, Hvide Sande 6960, Open : 10:00 am – 5:00 pm : Fiskeriets Hus is a local history museum with both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. The site tells about Holmsland Klits history before, now and in the future.
  •  Hvide Sande Sluseanlaeg , Fossanaesvej 22, Hvide Sande 6960, This is where the city of Hvide Sande started. In Hvide Sande you will find two locks. A drainage sluice that regulates the water conditions between the fjord and the sea. And the chamber lock, which provides passage between sea and fjord. Holmsland, called the narrow seaweed, separates Ringkobing Fjord from the North Sea. After 100 years of discussion about a passage from the sea to the fjord, in 1931 the Hvide Sande Kanal, which consists of sluice systems for fishing vessels and water level regulation, was opened. It is all controlled from “Blue Tower”, the blue building by the clap bridge. The port administration and the rescue services are here.The West Coast is full of beaches.
  •  surf : Hvide Sande is also a highly sought after area for surfers, and a large surf festival (Waterz) is held every year. It is possible to have both Kite Wind and SUP surf on Ringkobing Fjord, while surfing on the sea side. In the past, the south pier was a good place to surf, but after the new pier is built, conditions have deteriorated significantly.
  •  Tour de Wind – 4 spots in Hvide Sande! You can experience this on the route: Troldbjerg , Fabulous views of the fjord and the harbor
  •  The piles on the west coast : Along the west coast you will still find great concrete remains from World War II.

Activities : Fishing / Seaside Safari / The south beach in Hvide Sande is an obvious place to go on a hot summer day./ cycling , on the paths at the Skjern A river delta. / Horseback riding / Boat trips / Bathing beachs / Kite Wind and SUP surf on Ringkobing Fjord / sightseeing / photo opportunities / trekking

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