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Kendwa beach

Kendwa village is the youthful option in Zanzibar , Kendwa is famous for its beach with fine white sand or ground shells. The water is turquoise blue, the sunsets spectacular and the local boat activity picturesque. The village exists mainly for touristic purposes, the beach bungalow hotels face the sea and there’s a connecting back road, with a couple of african houses. Kendwa is a little off towards the south of the touristic development.

Access : Coordinates : –5.75386 39.29078 / Kendwa is about 1½ km west off the main road to Nungwi. The connecting unpaved road from the main route was re-graded in 2007 but is already in a bad condition again.
By bus : From the main bus station in Stone Town you can get on a daladala headed to Nungwi for about Tsh 2,000 per person. Ask the driver to let you get off at the Kendwa junction, from there it’s another 1½ km west. There’s not much shade and this can be a tough hike in summer. You can also continue with the bus till Nungwi and catch a taxi from there to Kendwa for about Tsh 10,000
By taxi : A taxi or private car from Stone Town will set you back at least Tsh 40,000 and the trip takes about 1½ hours
By boat : You can also take a private boat to/from Nungwi (from Tsh 20,000, 10 minutes).
By foot : Coming from Nungwi, it’s an easy walk (about 3 km, 30 minutes) along the beach during low tide. Due to a rocky coast the route becomes impassible with higher tides. The only option at high tide is using the back roads, which are unpleasant to walk due to heat and traffic.

There is only a few meters difference here between high and low tides so swimming is possible any time of day. There may be some cloud and wind and quick rainshowers in June/July but the sun is usually out and the weather very pleasant.

One could perhaps walk to Nungwi at low tide and take the sunset cruise from there and ask to be dropped off at Kendwa or take a bus back to the Kendwa junction (Tsh 300 per person) and walk from there Activities : Snorkeling trip , Full Moon Party , Walk along the beach  / @the same island paje-beachnakupenda-beach



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