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As Paje is famous kitesurfing centre, most tourists are either keen on kitesurfing here or they have possibility to learn basics of this popular sport. Windy weather conditions are not only good for kitesurfing, but also a pleasant natural air conditioning. Zanzibar weather as strongly influenced by monsoons, so tourist are adviced to watch weather forecast before planning their trip! Evenings on shore of Paje are dedicated to football. Local boys (9-99 years old) as well as tourist meet every evening for serious game. And for a couple of drinks for all participants right after the match, regardless of goals or winners.

If lazy atmosphere of Paje makes you sick, you can make long trips along the shore – in 1 hour you can reach Jambiani or Bwejuu (but hot sun makes you tired in 10 minutes, so be aware of sunburning!). If you want to make serious trip, you can rent a bike, scooter or motorcycle – rental offices are in many resorts or ask touts (locals who enjoy offering ANY service, from luggage transport through fishing trips to snorkeling and dolphin safaris – as their only knowledge is poor english, but as long as they gain your interest, they “subcontract” other local people to these services for modest budget with large profit). A traditional dancing performance is held at the Cristal Resort most Tuesday nights. Booking is essential.

Activities : Learn kiteboarding at on of the 3 kiteboarding schools , Swim in the lukewarm water when the tide is in, or walk to the coral reef.Scuba Diving , Snorkeling , Boat cruises , Fishing , Surfing , Swim in the warm sea , Spice Tour , Explore Stone Town , Get around :  The village can be explored by foot. The village is widespread from about 1 km south (Bwejuu) on 5km strip to the south (Jambiani). You can drive here from Stone Town in 30-40 minutes by car or motorbike, or take dala-dala Nr. 309. The whole village can be reached by foot, or you can make a visit around by bicycle or by taxi (around US$1.30 per person sharing). Most roads in Paje are not suitable for cars, as they are only dusty tracks actually

Access : Coordinates: -6.266519, 39.533808 /By plane : From Europe you can catch a cheap flight on Ethiopian Air, connecting through Addis Ababa. By car -taxi- minibus : It’s about 55 kms or 35 miles from the Stone Town Ferry. Taking a minibus from airport takes 1 hour and costs approximately US$60. Just when you leave airport, taxi or minibus will cost much less – around US$40. The local bus transportation (named dala-dala) is much cheaper – Tsh 1500, and not much slower, but surely less comfortable. Use a taxi or minibus and you can enjoy sightseeing and air condition, but use dala-dala, if you want to chat with local people and get many interesting suggestions for trips or destination!

As Paje is a village more than 5km long, it is better to tell the driver the name of hotel where you plan to stay or a closer direction. If you have not decided for a certain accommodation yet, do not rely on drivers decision – he will drive directly to most expensive hotel. Or hop off on the crossroad in Paje (actually a roundabout with a big red supermarket nearby) and you can walk only about 100 m to the beach Facilities : restaurants, accommodation for every budget at the village of paje.@ the same islandnakupenda-beach  , kendwa-beach 



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