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Malaren –  Lake Malar  – is the third largest lake in Sweden, after Vahren and Vatern. Its area is 1,140 km² and its greatest depth is 64 m.

Malaren spans 120 kilometers from east to west. The lake drains, from south-west to north-east, into the Baltic Sea through the Sodertalje Canal, Hammarbyslussen, Karl Johansslussen and Norrstrom. The easternmost bay of Malaren, in central Stockholm, is called Riddarfjarden. The lake is located in Svealand and bounded by the provinces of Uppland, Sodermanland, Narke, and Vastmanland.
Through its strategic location between Sweden’s inland and the Baltic Sea, Lake Malaren has always been important for shipping. During the Viking era there were large commercial and residential places such as Helgo and Birka. In the Middle Ages, Stockholm became Sweden’s and Malaren’s most important trading place. To the west was Kornhamn for maritime traffic to and from Lake Malaren. To the east was Kogghamn, which was the international port, where the big cogs added during the Hanseatic era. Exports mainly consisted of copper and iron from the Bergslagen as well as hides, fur mills, dried / salted fish and butter.

Mythology : In Viking mythology, the goddess Jephon received a promise from the Swedish King Julphy to receive as much land as she could plow overnight. According to legend, she turned her four sons into oxen and, with the plowed land, created the Danish island of Shelane, and in the place of this land appeared Lake Melaren. In honor of the goddess in Copenhagen in 1908, a bronze statue of sculptor Andersh Bungor was erected.

Two smaller islands, Bjorko and Adelso, contain two Viking archaeological sites (Birka and Hovgarden) that have been declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

The varied beauty of the sea also carries the many bays, islands and peninsula. Malaren is, with islands and coastal areas, classified as As a national interest

Access : Coordinates: 59.5, 17.2 / There is no better way to explore this area than by boat , These places ar also accessible from landside if you go by car / Boat trips leave from central Stockholm, A few 100 meters from the Stockholm central station you will find the Malar lake /

Highlights :

  •  Major cities : Balsta , Koping , Kungsangen , Kungsor , Mariefred , Stockholm , Strangnas , Sodertalje , Torshalla , Uppsala , Vasteras ,
  •  Important ports : Stockholm , They call it the Venice of the North although it does not need such a nickname, this beautiful and lively city shines with its own light. Made up of 14 islands, you can walk it quietly crossing from one neighborhood to another through one of the 57 bridges that communicate it. Stockholm is a perfect destination for a small weekend getaway.
  •  Islands :  Its more than 1,200 islands, with a total area of 189 square miles (489 square km) : Larger Islands : Adelson , Aspon , Bjorko with the World Cultural Heritage Birka , Ekero , Fjaringso , Helgo , Kungsholmen (Stockholm) , Kuron , Lilla Essingen (Stockholm) , Lovon , Munson , Ridon (Vastmanland) , Selaon , Stora Essingen (Stockholm) , Svartsjolandet , Tosteron.
  •  Gripsholm Castle : The castle-like Gripsholm Castle on Lake Malaren in the Swedish town of Mariefred in the town of Strangnas was built in 1537 by Gustav I Vasa – on the site of a castle from 1380. Today the castle houses the State Portrait Collection with one of the largest collections of portrait drawings. It contains more than 2000 paintings. The castle is registered since 1935 as Byggnadsminne and also Swedish imperial interest.
  •  World Heritage Site : Excavations at Birk (on Bjorkol) and Hovgorden (on Adelzol) show the Viking trade of the 9th and 10th centuries and its influence on Swedish history. The archeological site was declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1993. The first Christian community in Sweden in 831 was also established in Birka.
  •  The barrow of Bjorn Ironside – Bjorn Jarnsidas hog : Bjornshogen or Bjorn Jarnsidas high is a royal high located on Munson in Lake Malaren and in Ekero municipality. The pile is 20 meters in diameter and five meters high. The pile is part of a burial field consisting of 150 ancient remains: five burial mounds, one rune stone and about 145 round stones. The burial ground is dated to reversal, that is, 550–800 AD.
  •  town of Mariefred : Mariefred is a resort – town in the Swedish province of Sodermanland County and the historical province Sodermanland. It is about an hour’s drive southwest of Stockholm in the community Strangnas.
  •  Cruise on Lake Malaren with the historic steamboat S/S Mariefred : S / S Mariefred is a steamboat that was built in 1903 on the Sodra shipyard in Stockholm on behalf of a local shipping company in Mariefred.The steamboat is probably world-unique it is still in service on the Stockholm Mariefred route since 1903 and propelled by the same steam engine as when it was built.
  •  picturesque Medieval town of Sigtuna : Sigtuna is a town located next to Lake Malaren, Sweden. It is part of the municipality of Sigtuna, in the metropolitan region of Stockholm. It was founded by King Erico the Victorious (Erik Segersall) around 980.Sigtuna is situated at the bay Skarven, stretching around Upplands-Bro and a part of Lake Malaren.
  •  The main city on the lake is Vasteras : Westeros is Sweden’s fifth largest city and is located 100 kilometers west of Stockholm on the banks of Lake Malaren , Vasteras is the seat of Vasteras Municipality, the capital of Vastmanland County , Vasteras is predominantly known as an industrial city, but also a retailing and logistics city.
  •  Island in Langholmen : Langholmen is an island located in the center of Stockholm, in Sweden. It is located between Sodermalm and Kungsholmen.Just like Alcatraz is known around the world ,Langholmen Until 1975 there was a prison here, now transformed into a hotel and youth hostel.
  •  Bridge of Vasterbron : is an arch bridge in central Stockholm, Sweden , With a total length of 600 m of which 340 m extends over water, it is one of the largest bridges in the city. From the bridge there is a panoramic view of the Inner City and especially the Old Town , Vasterbron was the first bridge in the Stockholm area to allow traffic across the Malaren to bypass the bottleneck on Stadsholmen Island. the bridge is still Sweden’s longest steel arch bridge.
  •  Birka : One of Sweden’s first real towns : Birka, located on the island of Bjorko, and Hovgarden, on the neighboring island of Adelso, both on Lake Malaren in Sweden, are one of the best preserved examples of Viking settlement. Both were included in 1993 in the UNESCO World Heritage , Birka was also the destination of what has been considered the first Christian mission to Sweden, carried out by the Benedictine monk Ansgar in 829. He arrived in Birka sent by Emperor Louis the Pious. Apparently there were already Christians in Birka at that time, so it is assumed that there was already a small church in the city although most of its inhabitants were pagans.
  •  Malaren Valley : The Malaren Valley is a region around Lake Malar Cities that are typical of this area are Vasteras, The boundary line is thus not completely determined. Other typical cities in Malardalen are Vasteras, Sodertalje, Eskilstuna, Enkoping, Strangnas, Koping and Arboga. It was mainly the Malardalen valley that made up the Svea kingdom. In the region there are historical central cities such as Birka , Sigtuna and Gamla Uppsala.
  •  Drottningholm Palace : royal residence of Drottningholm It is located in the town of Drottningholm, on the island of Lovon (municipality of Ekero, province of Stockholm) on Lake Malar. Originally built at the end of the 16th century, it is a very popular tourist destination.Drottningholm Palace is one of the royal palaces of Sweden, residence of the royal family. It is part of the list of Unesco World Heritage Sites.
  •  Ekero Kommun : is a municipality in the province of Stockholm, Sweden, in the historical province of Uppland. Its headquarters are located in the town of Ekero. Ekero is the only municipality in the region of Lake Malaren composed exclusively of islands.The king of Sweden resides in the municipality of Ekero, in the Drottningholm Palace.
  •  Malmon, with the town of Bohus-Malmon is an island and a place in the municipality of Sotenas in Vastra Gotaland County in the Bohuslan landscape in Sweden. The majority of the inhabitants of the place live in the village, which is also called Fiskelaget.Discover this small town. See the beautiful stone houses at the main square. / Three-star campsite by Lake Malar (Lake Malaren), in the Malmon recreational area. Bathing, sandy beach and jetty.

Activities : Castle excursions in Lake Malaren / hire kayaks / Historic steamboat Cruise / Enjoy Beautiful views across Lake Malaren / Cruise on Lake Malaren / sightseeing / photo opportunities / trekking / City Sightseeing Stockholm Hop-On Hop-Off Tour / stroll the medieval streets of Sweden’s oldest town, Sigtuna / Boat trips in the archipelago & Lake Malaren / Lake Malar round trip by bike / Camping at Lake Malaren / Canoe and pedal boat rental / Bathing in the waves of Lake Malar

Go next : Uppsala is a millennial city, famous for its Viking Age heritage, and the oldest university in the Nordic countries. / Stockholm archipelago

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