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Miharashi no Oka, a Sea of 4.5 Million Flowers

The star attraction of Hitachi Seaside Park is the Miharashi Hill – Miharashi no Oka , northwest of Tokyo in Ibaraki Prefecture , Japan. In late April and early May, it is covered in nemophila, or “baby-blue-eyes” flowers.

In an area of 40 acres in the location of Miharashi no Oka HIll of the Park, about 4.5 million flowers of the species, combine this season their magical blue color with that of the spring sky and the endless Pacific Ocean!
“Hitachi Seaside Park” is located in the coastal area of ​​Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki Prefecture. The park surrounded by flowers and greenery is a tourist destination that represents Ibaraki Prefecture. The flowers of the four seasons are beautiful, and you can enjoy tulips and nemophila in the spring, roses and sunflowers in the summer, and cosmos and kochia in the fall.

For different seasons, different types of flowers bloom at the park,Once inside the park,The park has a small amusement park with 25 rides and attractions, visitors can enjoy the walk, rent a bike or ride the Seaside Train to get around.

Access : Coordinates: / the Hitachi Seaside Park (ひたち海浜公園, Hitachi Kaihin Kōen), located northwest of Tokyo in Ibaraki Prefecture.

Highlights :

  • Nemophila : When to see: mid-April – mid-May : Nemophila flowers cover Miharashi no Oka hill in a carpet of blue / Area size : about 4.2 hectares ,  Total number of plants : around 5.3 million , Season : mid-April to early May.
  • Known as Rurikarakusa in Japanese, nemophila is an annual herb native to North America.The small flowers mean nemophila usually plays a supporting role in gardens,Nemophila comes from the Greek ‘nemos’ meaning ‘small forest’ and ‘phileo’ meaning ‘to love’. Nemphila are often found growing around the edges of woodlands, earning them their name.
  • At Hitachi Seaside Park, an event fee of 250 yen will be added from 2020 to the autumn leaves season of Kokia and the best time to see Nemophila. The fall of 2020 is from October 15th (Thursday) to October 26th (Monday).
  • You can ride your own bike or rent one in the park. , Go cycling. hitachi-seside-park. There are several cycling trails in the park.
  • Admission Adults ¥450, Seniors ¥210, Children (up to junior high school age) Free Admission (varies by season) / Hours: vary according to the season; 9.30 am – 6.30 pm. Closed on Tuesdays.

Go next : kochia hill / Tulips : When to see: mid-April – late April : Around 260,000 tulips in a dizzying array of colours fill the Tamago no Mori Flower Garden.



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