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Napoleon’s Bridge

Napoleon’s Bridge over the Soča River is located in the mountains of Slovenia, not far from the small town of Kobarid.

Napoleon’s old bridge is a single-arched stone bridge, built in 1750. Napoleon’s troops crossed it on the road to Prindel Pass, hence its name
The name of this stone bridge appeared after Napoleon’s troops crossed it. Despite the fact that the actual date of its creation is 1812, the bridge actually dates back to the Roman period of antiquity, when it served as an important transport task.
Napoleon’s Bridge has a very rich history and belongs to the architectural heritage.From the Napoleon Bridge there is a beautiful view of the emerald river Soča and its riverbeds. the Soča River, which is famous for its crystal clear water and is a popular kayaking route.

Access : Coordinates:46.248486, 13.586202 / The bridge is in the immediate vicinity of Kobarid, the road across the bridge leads to Drežnica or in the direction of the village of Ladra ,northwestern Slovenia.

Highlights :

  • The stone Napoleon Bridge, which connects the left and right banks of the Soča River near Kobarid, was named after the French military units that crossed it during Napoleon’s time.
  • During World War I, it was blown up by Austrian soldiers, and later the Italians built a wooden and then an iron bridge.
    During World War II, the Partisans defended the so-called “Republic of Kombarid” and in memory of these events, two monuments have been erected next to the bridge.
  • There are two camps near the bridge: Koren and Lazar. A beautiful circular path over the bridge in the direction of the Kozjak waterfall, along the hanging footbridge over the river Soča to the Lazar camp and back.

Go next : The town of Kobarid lies on a high terrace on the right bank of the Soča at the foot of Gradič or Grič Sv. Anton / Savica Waterfall / Kozjak Waterfall / Virje Waterfall / Kanin-Sella Nevea Ski Resort.



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