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Naryn is an ancient garrison town on the Silk Road in central Kyrgyzstan (Central Asia).t is built on The city is located at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level, on the banks of the Naryn River, at the intersection of the Bishkek-Torugart highway. Naryn lies 350 km from the country’s capital – the city of Bishkek, and 200 km from the Chinese border
The word ‘Narine’ comes from the Mongol language in which it Means ‘sun-colored’. In ancient times, the town of Narine used to be a small town on a branch of the silk route leading from Kashgar in the east to the valley of the Chuy River in the west.
Like many other Central Asian cities, Naryn emerged as a small fortification on the trade routes that led from East Turkestan (Kashgar) to Central Asia. Until the 19th century, there was no city as such in this area. But with the colonization of Central Asia by Tsarist Russia in 1868, the Russian garrison was stationed here, and from that moment the construction of the city begins. After the revolution in Russia in 1917, Naryn came under the control of the Red Army, but in 1920 there was a clash between Soviet troops and the White Guards. After bloody battles, the city was recaptured and finally came under the control of the Red Army. In 1927, Naryn became the administrative center created at that time in the Naryn region.
In Naryn there is a campus of the University of Central Asia. The public transport of the city is ensured by the trolleybus Naryn. This makes Naryn the smallest city in the world with a trolleybus line.From Naryn, the main road – one of the branches of the ancient Silk Road – leads to the Torougart Pass and China. It is the main trade route linking Kyrgyzstan to China

Access : Coordinates: 41.433333, 76 / Due to its unfavorable traffic situation between several high mountain ranges the area Naryn is only inadequately developed. One of the two major roads leads from Kotschkor (with access from Bishkek) over the 3030 m high Dolon Pass into the capital of the area. To the south, it reaches the Chinese border at the 3,752 m high Turugart pass. The other road opens up the north of the area and connects Kotschkor on the 3586 m high Too Pass with Kara-Balta, from where there is also a connection to Bishkek. / The city is located in the Naryn depression at the foot of the Naryn-Too ridge at an altitude of 2 thousand meters above sea level. 180 kilometers away is the Balykchi railway station. The distance to the Torugart border checkpoint located south of Naryn on the border with China is 186 kilometers.
You can get to Naryn exclusively by road. From the Western bus station in Bishkek, you can leave by bus or taxi. The journey will take approximately four hours

Highlights :

  • Tash-Rabat caravanserai : Tash-RabatThe first in line, claiming the title of the city’s landmarks is the Tash-Rabat complex. It is a historical and cultural zone, which includes two ancient monuments: Tash-Rabat caravanserai and Koshoi-Korgon settlement.
  •  The Koshoi-Korgon settlement : The Koshoi-Korgon settlement is located 12 km from the village of At-Bashi. It represents the remains of a fortified city that existed in the 7-10 centuries on the caravan trade route, in which the headquarters of the Turkic khans was located. On dozens of hectares, there is a stone gallery with tens of thousands of black and white rock paintings in the upper reaches of the Saimaluu-Tash tract dating from the period 2 millennium BC. – 8th century A.D. The gallery is located 30 km south of the village of Kazarman. The variety of plot plots is particularly striking: images of animals and people, hunting scenes, ritual signs, labor episodes.
  •  Lake Son-Kul Lake Son-Kul : Lake Son-Kul Lake Son-Kul is the largest freshwater and second largest body of water in Kyrgyzstan. It is located within the inner Tien Shan at an altitude of 3016 m above sea level, 90 km northwest of the regional center of Naryn.
  •  Chatyr Kol Lake : Chatyr Kol Lake is the third largest lake in Kyrgyzstan. Its width is 11 km, length 23 km, depth 19 m. The lake is located on the western edge of the Ak-Sai valley between the At-Bashy and Torugart-Too ranges at 3,520 m above sea level. In the vicinity of the lake, many species of animals live: red marmots, mountain goats, snow leopards.
  •  The Naryn Museum : The Naryn Museum of History and Local Lore belongs to the museums of the third category of the Kyrgyz Republic. His fund has about 2 thousand exhibits. They tell about the history of the region, present ancient examples of the ancient original culture of the Kyrgyz.
  •  One of the stone fortresses on the Great Silk Road – the fortress Koshoi-Korgon – is located 25 kilometers west of the village of At-Bashi.
  •  Salkyn-Tor State Natural National Park occupies 10.5 thousand hectares. Of the species listed in the Red Book of the Kyrgyz Republic, four species of mammals, six species of birds, ten species of insects live here and two species of plants grow. The territory of the natural park is of great importance in terms of restoring the number of deer.
  •  The most powerful river in Kyrgyzstan originates in Naryn. The length of the Naryn River in the republic is 600 kilometers. Along the river bed are the cities of Naryn, Tash-Kumyr, Uch-Kurgan.
  •  The Muratbek Ryskulov Musical Drama Theater was founded together with the creation of the Naryn region. In 1949, all regional theaters were disbanded. the Naryn Theater received academic status. This is the only musical-drama theater in the republic.
  •  Trolleybus : In 1994, the York Rail transport has started to operate. In this regard, Naryn city trolleybus route in the world’s smallest city. Trolleybus route will pass through only one street.

Note :Some of our tour destinations requires Border Zone Permit for accessing destinations nearby the Chinese border

Activities :  you can watch the national Kyrgyz games live / sightseeing / photo opportunities / trekking, Tash Rabat to Chatyr Kol / Many excursion routes along the picturesque mountain trails of the Tien Shan begin their journey from Naryn. / multi-day horseback and hiking routes / Naryn River white water rafting / hunting tours for argali Marco Polo and Capricorn / moto tourism / enjoy artisan workshops, authentic oriental bazaars, fusion of religions and cultures.
/ discovering the natural and historical beauties of central Asia / Scenic Driving : Auto – moto Touring / Nature Viewing / Culture and adventure trips, Christmas trips / Guided 4×4 Tours through Central Asia and of the Silk Road route.

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