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Ovech Fortress

Ovech Fortress or Provadia Fortress is a stone medieval fortress located near the town of Provadia, Varna region,Northeastern Bulgaria.

The fortress was built by the Byzantines and has been operating since the 5th century, before the foundation of the fortress it is a proven Thracian presence. The Byzantine fortress was called “Castle Provaton” or “Provat”, “Ovets” by the Bulgarians and Tas Hisar (stone fortress) by the Ottomans, also referred to as “Burfanta”.
The unique natural resources make it difficult to conquer. The fortress is protected on all sides by rocks with a height of 11 to 18 m. A narrow rocky isthmus connects it with the neighboring plateau. There was a long wooden bridge between Kaleto and Tabia in the past. The highest part of the fortress is the so-called “Citadel” with 166 m above sea level.
Today you can see the foundations of three churches, residential buildings located in the northern part of the fortress, three entrances (north, east and west), fortifications, a well with a depth of 79 m, eleven cisterns, 30 early Christian tombs, streets and more. In 2008, Ovech was declared an immovable cultural monument of national importance.

Access : Coordinates: 43°10’32.3″N 27°26’52.4″E / Ovech Fortress is located about 50 km from Varna. Ovech Fortress is easily reached by car, as it is located on the outskirts of the town of Provadia.

Highlights :

  • Ovech Fortress gained strategic importance during the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. It then became an important administrative, cultural, religious and military center.
  • When visiting the fortress in the stone fortification, you can see the talking well, 79 m deep, the Metropolitan Church, the Knight’s Prison, the Tower with the Devil’s Path and the Monks’ Holes.
  • The fortress is open all year round. There is also a guide provided by the Provadia History Museum. Information materials and souvenirs are sold on site.
  • Entrance fees: adults – BGN 4, children – BGN 2 / opening hours : 09:00 – 19:00

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