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Phoenix Ancient City

Fenghuang Ancient City, also known as Phoenix Ancient City ,is a well-preserved ancient city located around 230 kilometers southwest of Zhangjiajie, in the hilly area of western Hunan, the middle and lower reaches of the Tuojiang River, in China. The city was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2008.

The ancient city was built in the 43rd year of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty (1704). The east gate tower and the north gate tower are still there. The bluestone streets in the city, the wooden stilted buildings along the river, as well as the Chaoyang Palace, Tianwang Temple, Wanshou Palace, Dacheng Hall and other buildings, all have the characteristics of the ancient city.
The ancient city of Fenghuang is divided into two urban areas. The old city is surrounded by mountains and rivers. The shallow Tuojiang River runs through the city. The city wall made of red sandstone stands on the bank. The rusted iron gate can still be seen as the mighty appearance of the year. There is a narrow wooden bridge across the wide river under the North City Gate. The stone is used as a pier.
Phoenix Ancient City, a 4A-level scenic spot in country, is a national historical and cultural city. It was once praised as the most beautiful small town in China by the famous New Zealand writer Rewi Alley. The total land area of ​​Fenghuang Ancient City is about 10 square kilometers, and the population is composed of 28 ethnic groups including Miao, Han, and Tujia. It is a typical minority inhabited area.
Today Fenghuang is very popular with both domestic and overseas visitors and is therefore commercialized to some extent. There are numerous shops, restaurants and pubs that stay open past midnight.

Access : Coordinates: / Fenghuang Ancient City is located in the southwest of Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture in Hunan Province.

Highlights :

  • Phoenix City was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2008.Tourists could see over 120 unique Ming and Qing Dynasty style residential buildings, over 30 temples, shrines and pavilions and over 200 ancient stone streets in this small town.
  • Legend has it that when the bird “Phoenix” of the Tianfang Kingdom (ancient India) turned 500 years old, the set incense wood set himself on fire. Reborn from the ashes, delicious and unusual, no longer dead. This bird is the phoenix, the king of all birds in China. There is a mountain in the southwest of Phoenix that resembles a phoenix flying with its wings outstretched, hence the name.
  • Shows : There are several shows in Fenghuang Ancient City for tourists to watch and learn about local culture, customs and myths.
  • This seat was once praised by the famous New Zealand writer Rewi Alley as the most beautiful town in China.
  • Photo opportunities : Fenghuang Ancient City is one of the most beautiful cities in China and also one of the best places for photography.
  • Best time to visit : All year round. However, most tourists visit Fenghuang Ancient Town in spring and summer.
  • Top sights in The ancient city of Phoenix : Shen Congwen’s Former Residence, Xiong Xiling’s Former Residence, Yang Family Ancestral Hall, East Gate Tower, Tuojiang Boating, Longevity Palace, Chongde Hall, Chen Baozhen’s Old House, and Hongqiao. However, Fenghuang Ancient is most famous for its quaint and rich Tujia style stilted buildings, but most of the stilted buildings by the river are no longer there. Only in Huilongtan, there are still more than ten old houses with thin-legged wooden pillars standing. In the river, hold up a heavy history.
  • The Hongqiao Bridge. This is indeed an interesting structure, which has a closed corridor with cornices that protect from rain.
  • Entrance fees: Most of the most interesting places can be visited on a single ticket, which costs 148 yuan. All attractions are open to tourists from 8.00 to 17.30, tickets are sold in the center of the town.

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