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Sarakiniko Beach, Milos

In the northeast of the island of Milos there is one of the most famous Greek beaches – Sarakiniko. The beach got its name from the Saracen pirates, who often “settled” on the shores of Milos. The coast also offers scenic views of the opposing islands of Sifnos and Kimolos.
In Sarakiniko you will find a small beach for beach lovers but mainly beautiful rocks to spread your towels and take a dip in the clear blue and crystal clear waters. The beach is not organized.
It is often compared to a lunar landscape.Sarakiniko isn’t the typical “beach”. people often refer to the characteristic landscape of Sarakiniko as Lunar due to its particular appearance. The white bone beach has those unusual characteristics as a result of volcanic rocks formed by the wind and waves.
Sarakiniko is one of the most photographed landscapes in the Aegean Sea.
Photos of this place are adorned with more than a dozen travel booklets, and the unique landscape of Sarakiniko has provided it with a place in the ranking  as one of the most beautiful Greek beaches also one of  the most picturesque beaches in the world!

Access : Coordinates: 36.74278,24.45914 / You can get to the beach from the village of Adamantas or the  port (4 km).
/ In the summer, you can take a bus to  three beaches : Sarakiniko, Papafragas and Paliohopi.

Highlights :

  • Milos is a volcanic Greek island in the Aegean Sea, north of the Cretan Sea..The Venus de Milo was found here, and it’s not the only gem there.
  • Sarakiniko is the most popular beach on the island of Milos. And it is no wonder: its lunar landscapes and its turquoise waters make it a unique beach in the world
  • Be especially careful on the cliffs as at any moment you can slip and fall.
  • Near Sarakiniko is the shipwreck.It is accessible on foot walking near the sea , you will see the ship in less than 100 meters.

Activities : swimming, and casual relaxing / photo opportunities / At Sarakiniko beach you can also explore an old mine / beach hopping.

Go next : Plaka, the center of the island Milos / Palioxopi beach / Thiorichia beach with old sulfur mine / Klima ,a small fishing village / Mandrakia ,a small fishing village / Mytakas is a northern beach with a few houses of fishermen.

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